Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Like Sisterly Love


I started out making some new sign this last week....without much of a theme in mind and what I came up with is a cross between witch signs and oz signs. See where my mind wanders... Of course the oz sign is my favorite one! LOL!


Of course being the youngest of 3 girls...well let's just say there was lots of sisterly love in our house! LOL!


And of course anyone that has a sister feels like this sometimes! Anyway, nothing like having a sister or two that you can poke fun at! LOL!


  1. Dee,
    You always come up with some of the funniest sayings...great work hon. How is the kitchen remodel going?

  2. Jody,

    Thanks...I guess having 2 older sister makes it fun! The kitchen remodel is at a standstill as the darn grass is growing and the hubby is in fullswing mowing his customers lawns...maybe this weekend things will slow down and he can make some progress.