Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Trinket Box Came! I Love It!

OMG! It is soooo cute and looks good enough to eat! I was the lucky winner of one of the giveaway prizes the PFATT blog artists were giving away earlier this month. I won a handpainted trinket box painted and designed by Carolee Clark of King of Mice Studios. Be sure to stop by Carolee's website to check out what other gorgeous goodies she creates. Living in Baltimore, I've gotta say I'm partial to her Edgar Allen Poe sign.

As you can see when you open the box lid painted on the inside is "Wicked Sweet" and describes me too a T! Just ask the hubby...he'll tell ya! LOL! The bottom of the box is base coated burnt orange and has black polka dots....perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

A yummy looking cupcake that looks good enough to eat is painted on the top. I tried to take a better picture to show the glitter as it adds just the right sparkle to the cupcake design. Carolee did a great job on creating this little box and I want to sincerely thank her and the other artist on PFATT's blog for having an awesome giveaway.

Other places online that you can find Carolee is on ebay and also her blog As always just click the on the links.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Market Place Monday Choose Moose Primitive Designs

Each Monday, The Old Farmhouse Gathering group features a fellow member. This week I decided to feature Margo of Choose Moose Primitive Designs. Dontcha just love Margo's choice of business names? Sounded like a really fun shoppe, so decided to take a peek for myself and share what I found with you. Margo is one of the quieter members of the OFG group, which only served to peek my interest more

When you first click on Margo's etsy shoppe, this little whimsical cat will greet you. Isn't he such a cutie? And so perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. Margo has been selling on etsy since March 2007. She lives in the little neighboring state of Delaware...Howdy neighbor!

Margo is retired and loves to sew, go antiquing and cooking. Her favorite things to make are ornies and bowl fillers. Margo has items for sale for each season as well as everyday prim decor.

I sure hope I peeked your interest and you'll take the time to stop by and check out Choose Moose Primitive Designs etsy shoppe. As always just click the link and you're there.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

And The Winner Is....

I would like to thank everyone for signing up to follow my blog. I had 44 comments left and most of you gals also posted my giveaway to your blog also, so thank you again.

I asked my youngest to get me something to put all the names in. Being the practical male that he is and not wanting to look around too much for something prettier looking, he grab my stainless mixing bowl outta the cabinet...gotta love how the male mind thinks!

Ian was also my name puller. I told him before he went to bed last night that he was going to pull the winning name for my first giveaway. If you have teenagers at home then you know most weekend mornings you never see the whites of their's more like 1 o'clockish that they rumble downstairs to get some food and start grumbling!

Ok, so onto the name. I wrote everyone's name on pieces of paper for the appropriate number of enteries you all were suppose to have. I had Ian draw the paper from the bowl and the winner is....

So Wendy, if you can drop me an email at with your mailing info, I can get your package off to you. This was such fun and I am planning on doing another giveaway after Halloween.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Death of a Great Invention...

Yesterday, the last American General Electric lightbulb plant in the US closed it's doors. Congress has mandated that by the year 2014 that all bulbs in use to be CFL's, you know those curly cued energy saving light bulbs that most of us are now using.

It's amazing in this day and age, that an invention created over a century ago is still in use today. Maybe old Thomas Edison was on to something there. Although it is surprising to learn that Tom didn't create the lightbulb, he only perfected the then 50 year old idea.

Edison's lightbulb was the first practical application that could be used in homes and businesses but first old Tom had a few hurdles to overcome...the electrical delivery system! Tom's first electrical power generating plant went online in 1880 providing power to a 1 square mile radius of it's location in Lower Manhattan. It serviced 59 customers at a cost of 24 cents per kilowatt hour. Old Tom's original idea and power company has long been sold and over the years his name was dropped from the company title and the company simply was called General Electric.

Besides being a way to light your home, incandescent lightbulbs are a staple in a painters stash...So it with much sadness to say goodbye to all those lovely incandescent bulbs....wonder how a painter is suppose to create a work of art using one of those new curly cued ones? Any ideas?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tomorrow's The Last Day To Enter My Giveaway And I Added A Few More Goodies!

I don't know where the week went....oh wait, I do. It went flying on by! Thank you all for entering my giveaway and for following me. I promise to do a little better in getting things posted in a more regular manner.

Last Sunday we did our first show of the year! Hard to believe I have gone from doing 30+ shows a year to the handful I do now. Thank you to all my customers that purchase from me via the internet and at my shows. You all allow me to do what I paint.

There is one more day to enter my giveaway and I have a few more things that I'm adding to the winning goodies. I added a little sign just perfect for the season and since everyone has been having such a good time making those waxed dipped salt dough bowl fillers, I decided to try my hand at them. They were fun to make, so I decided to include a set of 12 bats and moons along with a bag of cinnamon scented sticks-n-stones to my giveaway.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halloween Queens Giveaway

This is such a fantastic giveaway. Thirty one prizes in thirty one days! Wow! That will sure make 31 happy, happy winners. Hurry on over to The Halloween Queens blog and checkout all the goodies that the talented artist there have up for grabs. Deadline for entries is October 15th but names will start to be drawn on October 1st.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Won! I Won!

No, not the lottery but a great giveaway over on the PFATT blog! A cute whimsical trinket box by Carolee Clark. You would have thought I hit the lottery with all the hooping and hollering and woohoo-ing that was going on here! LOL! Anyway, pop on over to their blog and check out the delicious goodies that were in this giveaway. I promise I'll do a better post once the trinket box arrives. Gotta run and get Sean to work.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Market Place Monday

Every Monday, the etsy group I belong to spotlights and promotes members of our group. We have a talented bunch of ladies at the olde farmhouse. My feature artist today is Becky of WVluckygirl. Dontcha just love her name? Becky says she chose it cause as the saying goes "if you're lucky enough to live in the mountains you're lucky enough" and since she lives in the WV hills, she must be a very, very lucky gal!

Becky has been selling on etsy since December 2009 after a customer asked why she didn't do etsy. So Becky let her fingers do the walking and the rest is history. She said she was pleasantly surprised to see all the handmade things that were offered for sale on etsy.

As you can see Becky offers a little bit of everything. She loves making prim decor and occasionally throws in a little shabby chic as well. I just love these labels....great for making those potion bottles that are so hot right now and perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.

Becky has been crafting as long as she can remember. Her mother would allow Becky to help when she was creating something and once Becky learned how to use the sewing machine, she was hooked! LOL! Inspiration for her craft comes form anywhere and everything. And like any true artists, she takes her customers ideas and turns them into works of art.

Becky's favorite piece in her shop is the framed stitchery in the first picture. Simply your life, believe in your dreams, See with your heart, Know what it means. What a lovely sentiment. You can find Becky's wonderful work on etsy and on ebay. Just click on the links and take a won't be disappointed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Time for a Giveaway...

Over the holiday weekend I reached 100 followers and decided it was time to do a giveaway. I've been getting ready for my first craft show of the year which is tomorrow and this is the first chance I've had to come to post about the giveaway. So here's the scoop. The winner will receive my newest sign, Hags Breath Coffee, a set of 3 faux caramel apples and some more goodies that I will add next week.

Rules are simple. 1 entry chance for each thing you do, so you can get up to 3 chances to win.

1. You must be a follower of my blog. If you don't have a blog leave me your email address so I can contact you in case you win. Only open to residents of the USA and Canada.

2. Leave a comment on this post only, letting me know how many chances of winning you have.

3. Post my giveaway on your blog. Make sure to link back to my blog in your post.

Entry deadline is September 24th. Winner will be announced on September 25th.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let The Celebration Begin...

That is the Old Farmhouse Halloween Celebration! The OFG group on etsy is having an awesome celebration to kick off the Halloween season.

There are 37 individual members shoppes participating in the spooktacular event. Each member was allowed to enter up to 4 different items in the celebration. Here are 4 of my new signs for the celebration. I just love this one.

The gals of the farmhouse have been working hard sewing, painting, gluing, nailing...well you get the idea. And...yep, this celebration will be the unveiling of them all.

So hurry on over to etsy and check them all out. You may just find a goodie or two waiting for you. And I promise, we won't make you do tricks for your treats!

Just click on the celebration link above and it will take you to the celebration page.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Few New Giveaways and A Free Pattern

Hurry on over to Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses blog to sign up for her awesome giveaway. Entry deadline is September 12th so don't wait.

Isn't this little raggedy witch the cutest thing ever? Hurry on over to Kareybeth's Creations and Prims blog to sign up for this giveaway. Deadline is September 15th, drawing for the lucky winner is on the 16th.

I stumbled across this neat free witch pattern from Chestnut Junction Patterns. Be sure to hurry though as patterns change regularly. Be sure to sign up to follow her blog so you can get notice of new patterns.

Another awesome giveaway to enter. Aren't these mice so adorable? Love the mouse peeking out of the Christmas stocking. Be sure to hurry on over to The Krazy Kraft Lady's blog and enter. Deadline is September 30, drawing for the winner is October 1st.

Isn't this centerpiece awesome? I already have a place all picked out in my house for it, but go ahead and hurry on over to enter! LOL! You'll find the giveaway at Old Road Primitives blog. Hurry as the deadline is September 30th, drawing will be October 1st.

This last giveaway is for when Lorna at Live Oak Primitive Peddler blog reaches 100 followers. She's almost there, so you might wanna hurry on over and sign up to be a follower and for her giveaway.

There are some very talented ladies out here in blogland and love seeing all their creative talent. I feel very privilege to have the opportunity to enter all their giveaways for a chance to win their awesome creations.