Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Not really! I don't care for the snow. My friend Eileen, who absolutely adores the snow, says I'm a grinch. Not really, I use to love playing in the snow as a child, but as an adult it just is an inconvenience. Especially here in Baltimore...people drive crazy on a good day!

The above 2 pictures were taken about 10 am. It had been snowing since about 10pm Friday evening. We had around 6" on the ground and still more was coming.

Yes, it is pretty to look at...but enough already! The forecast is for 20-30"! Yep, that's right! We don't even live in the mountains!

Josh is hard working, shoveling the sidewalk for the second time today. It's hard to keep up when snow is falling at 2" an hour pace.

The above pictures were taken at about 1pm. As you can see we are getting pretty much snowed in. The snow plows haven't even made it into the neighborhoods yet. They are having problems keeping the main interstate opened and plowed. The malls in the area have all closed down as traveling conditions have become too hazardous. The national weather service has declared that we are officially in a blizzard.

Ian is measuring how much snow we have gotten so far...we have 12" on the ground and no signs of it letting up. I guess we will have a white Christmas afterall. That is if we get to go to the tree farm to find our tree and I actually get to do some Christmas present isn't going to cut it!

Tomorrow is another day and the snow is suppose to be out of here...of course what's on the ground won't be leaving anytime soon but maybe we can get the tree...can you just hear the whining as I drag them from tree to tree on the farm only to go back to one of the first ones that I picked! LOL!