Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I took the Plunge and...

joined Artfire. I know another selling venue to add things to, keep track of, etc. But it's good not to put all your eggs into one basket these days! Anyway, if you get a chance pop over and check out my shop. You can click on the link here in the post or on the one I have on the sidebar. See you on Artfire.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kiddie Kavern Enter At Your Own Risk

Those that follow my blog have seen my man cave signs for men. You've seen my diva signs for women. Well here are my kiddie kavern signs for the little ones! Can't leave them out!

I know when my boys were little, I could have used this sign. If they had one toy out they had them all out! As they have grown older they still haven't changed's just video games, dvd's and cd's now!

We did a lot of watching Sesame Street when my boys were little. One of my favorites was when Ernie would be taking a bath and sing the rubber ducky song. We use to sing it in the tub....sigh...such memories!

Of course when my boys took their baths, they had water all over...something about making a tidal wave in the tub amused them! LOL! And they certainly splished and splashed all over the bathroom!

The magic time that all parents await each day...bedtime. They can finally relax and congratulate themselves for making it through another day! LOL! I know many days I fell onto the couch exhausted, barely able to move just keeping up!

As always you can find my signs in my etsy shoppe and eventually they will be on ebay. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leesport Craftshow July

On Saturday Leesport Farmers Market had their 3rd craftshow of the year. We have 3 permanent spaces under the pole barn pavilion, which we just love. It's so spacious...34'x10'. It really comes in handy for the holiday craftshows to have the extra room.

We scale back for the July show only bringing signs, shutters, windows, and wreaths. Customers aren't always buying as many are going on vacation or have just come back from we have learned to adjust our expectations! Sean came with me to help with set up, sales and break down...he's my righthand man! As you can see he's made himself right comfortable!

Saturday was the most pleasant Leesport in July that I can remember and that's saying a lot as I've been doing Leesport since 1994. The temps were perfect. There was a slight breeze blowing all day and the rain showers that the weather forecasters were calling for held off til after I was packed up.

This is Sharon on the left and Bridget on the right. I've known Sharon for about 9 years now. I see her at a few shows but talk to her on the phone many times a day! LOL! She lives in PA and I live in MD. Sharon has an website and if you have time, you should check it out. Here's the link . I met Bridget through Sharon. Bridget and her daughter Amber make very nice jewelry. We see Bridget and Amber at some shows also but mostly at Leesport as they also live in PA.

Of course both of them were being bad when I was getting ready to take the picture, thankfully when I snapped it they were behaving! They are both good girls and lots of fun to be with...most times! LOL!

We won't be at Leesport in October as we have a large craftshow that we do in Thurmont MD that weekend but will be back to wrap up the 2009 craftshow season at Leepsort on Thanksgiving Weekend. If you venture to Leesport, be sure to stop and say hi...I'm in spaces 234, 235 and 236 in the pole barn.

Monday, July 13, 2009

24 and still counting!

For our 24th Anniversary the hubby asked me what I wanted to do. We could have gone to a nice restruarant and had an romantic dinner for 2. I choose to order a bushel of crabs that we could share with our 3 boys, Sean, Josh and Ian.

This is Sean inspecting his crab. Sean had never picked crabs before. I had always picked them for him or he ate something else when we had crabs. He did a pretty good job overall but soon learned that if he didn't clean out all of the meat cavity and gave it to mom she would clean it out and give him back a nice pile of meat. He was pretty good with a mallet though on the claws.

Last time we had crabs Ian was just a small little one. Too little to learn to pick crabs and I would pick them for him. As with Ian he would soon loose interest as Mom just couldn't pick them fast enough to keep up with he would wander off to play.

Now that Ian is almost 14 he got a crash course in crab picking. There is a method to it believe it or not! First you remove the legs. Then put your knife under the apron to pry apart the top and bottom shell. Then clean out the filters, intestines, and break off the some of the extra shell flap. (I know sounds gross) Push all that away and start breaking apart the meat cavaties. Yummo! The legs, I always leave for last, before getting another crab.

That's Josh.....veteran crab picker. He is the only kid that I knew at 8 and 9 years old that asked for a a bushel of crabs for his birthday party. Of course we had to have other food for his guest as not everyone liked picking crabs. Anyway, Josh can polish off a pile of crabs. He has an interesting way of eating crabs, even though I taught him, he picks the meat, sometimes piling it on a plate, sometimes eating it, but always piles the claws up for the very end.

Still picking 3 hours later...many clearings of tossed aside crab carcasses...Crab picking is a social pick, you talk, you pick some more and talk some more! LOL!

That's me still picking...Josh and I were still at it almost 3 1/2 hours later. I had to stop and rest for a bit but in an hour I was back for round 2.

That's my hubby....He's not a big crab picker...he picks some but prefers other things to eat that don't take as much work. You would think that growing up in Maryland he'd be the big crab eater as he spent many a summers with his great uncle and 2nd cousins at their place in Rock Hall crabbing along with many vacations down in Chincoteaque, VA.

So back to the reason for the crabs and picking. We were married 24 years ago at the courthouse in Baltimore County. Both our mothers were able to see us get married here. Nine days later we got married again at the Little Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas where both of our fathers were able to attend. So our anniversaries are the July 12th and July 21st. Now how lucky can a girl get to have 2 anniversaries? LOL!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Let Me Tell Your Fortune

I remember as a young girl playing around with a Ouija board with my sisters. I was always fascinated by "how" it moved...never quite believing that one of my sisters wasn't steering the darn thing to the answer they wanted me to have!

I did a little research on the origin of the Ouija board or talking board as it's known. The first resemblance to a Ouija board was first documented in China in 1100 BC. Our modern day Ouija board was created in the late 1890's and today is made by Parker Brothers.

Getting ready for fall, I did a few new Halloween signs this week. I love how this trick or treat sign turned out.

Of course what witch services would be complete without the ability to turn prince charming into a toad. I know it's usually the other way around but sometimes you know you want to just zap the prince into a toad!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Wizard Will See You Now...

I was going through withdraw not making any oz signs for awhile, so inspiration has struck and I created so new ones this past week.

This one was made from another stencil artists product. Sometimes you just can't resist and have to have it!

And of course we "all" know Dorothy was right about the shoes! They certainly were sparkly!

This line was taken from the scene in the movie where the Dorothy was at the witches castle. Can you tell I love the movie? LOL!

This is my version of what a sign would look like if someone came across one on the way to the witches castle. I don't recall seeing one in the movie, and I may be wrong about one not being there, anyway, I would certainly take heed and not go further.