Friday, February 27, 2009

OFG Spring Celebration

The etsy group that I belong to is having a Spring Celebration to showcase the wonderful talent of it's members. Participation is open to every member and each artist can enter up to 4 enteries to showcase their talent. I have entered 2 different enteries in the celebration. Please be sure that if you visit etsy to type OFGSC into your search bar to see all that the OFG team has to offer or click the button I have added under etsy. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'll never look at silverware the same again!

I found some spoons that I had undercoated black awhile back in my stash of treasures, so painted them up 2 different ways...They were so fun to paint, I can see I could become addicted to painting them!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OFG Swap

I belong to a prim group on etsy called Old Farmhouse Gathering, OFG for short, anyway, we are having a swap. We are all assigned partners so this is a one on one. I was lucky to get a really nice gal....have chatted with her on many occasions. She's a painter and loves prim. I painted her a nice large metal pocket with a prim bunny based on a design by Terrye French...she's one of my favorite designers. I wrapped the handle with fabric and placed cream pip berries inside...sure hope my prim gal partner likes it. Oh, and of course she's getting some of my favorite Easter chocolates!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Much Thanks....

To 2 fellow etsians who were kind enough to include my signs into their treasuries on Etsy. It's wonderful that other etsians would take the time to promote others. What a selfless act. I've included the links to their treasuries that they have created. They only stay active for a period of 2-3 days so be sure to hurry and check them out. Be sure to check out the curators shoppe too!

For those that don't know what an Etsy treasury is, it's like being the curator of a museum and you are putting things in that musuem to showcase. I say it's like window shopping without spending money because I always want everything that I include when I make a new treasury. So if you want to find out what an etsy treasury is all about click either links or the just visit Etsy and give it a look around. You never know, you just might find something that you have to acquire.


Oops..the links aren't clickable but if you copy and paste into a new browser it should take you there.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New Queen Signs

I made these "Queen" signs in honor of my BFF...otherwise known as "Queenie". Everytime I made a new one, I had to laugh at myself and think how true this one was. Each one is so here's to you "Queenie"! LOL!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joshua's Eagle Scout Ceremony

It's the weekend again and I decided to play with blogging again. Boy 7 months have gone by and I forgot all about my blog here. That's Josh on the left and his friend Alex on the right.

My son got his Eagle Scout award a few weeks back so I thought I would post some pictures to share. He's been in scouts since first grade. First cubscouts with Pack 485 and then boyscouts with Troop 485. He's done many things while in scouts, including going on 3 High Adventure trips. He went scuba diving in the Bahamas when he was 15, completing 19 underwater dives including night dives and a shark dive. He's traveled to the Pacific Northwest when he went hiking on Mt St. Helens and Mt Hood along with seeing Crater Lake and other points of interest in the Northwest. His last and final trip was as the crew leader on a canoeing trip leading 2 adults and 6 scouts through the Canadian wilderness in Quetico Provincial State Park for 8 days.

He has continued to go to scouts but now as an adult leader providing guidance and steering the younger scouts along their path to Eagle. My most proudest moments came not just at his Eagle ceremony, but when he thanked me for pushing him to get his Eagle. It was truly one of those "light bulb" moments.