Sunday, February 7, 2010

Darn Groundhog!

The snow started out slowly on Friday. This is a picture of the railing on my front porch at about 10pm. Not too much of the historic snowfall that was forecasted for our area.

This is what greeted us out the door at 10am on Saturday...that is when I could get the door open.

So the boys and I got dressed and headed out to start shoveling the sidewalk. It was still snowing and the forecast was for another 12 hours of snow at 1" an hour. Yikes! We got a measure of the depth...23 1/2"...yep, at 10 am!

Soon our neighbor (a Florida transplant) came out with his 2 year old son Hayden...well little Hayden didn't know what to make of all the snow.

Mom and baby sister Harper soon followed...They came to check out our 2nd largest snowstorm on record.

And of course what is a major snowstorm without an emergency or two. This ambulance came with it's own snowplow leading the way. The elderly neighbor had an issue..not from shoveling but just one of those things, so the ambulance was called to haul them to the hospital to get checked out.

And with even all the digging out and shoveling, my neighbor Caroline and her husband Steve found the time to make a snowman. Not just any snowman but one decked out in Saints you know who they want to win the Super Bowl!

I thought this was way cool! The snow seems to just be hanging on by a thread..or in this case by some flakes!

The backyard buried under all the snow. We may thaw out before April...although I'm not sure. The weather forecast is for up to 12" more inches of snow on Tuesday night....darn groundhog!