Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catoctin Colorfest

Last weekend we had the privilege of participating in Catoctin Colorfest held in the scenic little town of Thurmont Maryland. It's a quaint little town with many gifts shoppes, antiques shoppes and a few nice eateries. On the second weekend in October this sleepy little town of 6000 is flooded with more than 150,000 visitors.

During Colorfest weekend you will find yard sales, flea market items and lots of arts & crafts located in any nook or cranny that someone can pop up a tent and set up in. Vendors even set up in the local car washes bays! It's an amazing sight to newcomers to the show. Parking is at a premium but there is regular shuttle bus service from many outlying locations into the town during the show.


This is one of the biggest shows that we do each year, and we spend many hours gearing up making product to sell. My family helps with set up, manning the cash registers, restocking and packing up, so you could say it's a family affair for me.



We see many friends each year there and make some new ones along the way. Here's Bill Anderson, who we have been friends with he and his wife Rhonda for years. Bill and Rhonda travel from the lower Eastern Shore of MD to set up and sell. We use to see Roni and Bill at many shows, but due to circumstances they have cut back on their shows and we see them 2 times a year. This year Rhonda wasn't able to come to the show due to the flu...missed seeing her.

I took this picture of Steph from Puppywear...she is quite the character as you can see from her pose. We had a good time chatting and getting to know each other this past weekend. She sells all kinds of clothing for dogs...from the little bitty ones to the oversize 2x ones.


Here is Bella one of Steph's customers modeling her new Puppywear coat. Isn't she the cutest little thing?


The weekend turned out to be beautiful and a big success. If you are ever in the vicinity of Maryland on the second weekend in October, be sure to stop and take in all the Catoctin Colorfest has to offer. You'll even have a spectacular view along the way from Mother Nature and the fall foliage.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Darlington Apple Festival

Last weekend I was able to participate in a nice little festival held in the quaint town of Darlington, Maryland. Darlington is just a little speck on the map but come the 1st Saturday in October, the little sleepy town of 700, turns into a mob scene of approx 70,000 people...yep, you read that right....70,000!

This is the first time we have ever participated in this show, but it has been around over 27 years. There is anything and everything to do with apples, including a apple pie baking contest, hay rides, pony rides and musical entertainment. An way imaginable to cook, bake or serve an apple, you could find it at Darlington. There were apple pies, apple cakes, apples with carmel and whipped topping which I can say is yummo but very, very sweet, so it's best to be shared. There was apple butter, apple dumplings, candy and caramel apples on a stick and just plain ole bushels of apples to take home.

darlington apple festival

Along with the apple fare and entertainment, there were around 200 craftsman in the town located in various parking lots, the school grounds and along the Shuresville Rd which is the main street.

The one nice feature about this show, was the food. The food vendors had to be sponsored by a non-profit group which means that the money raised there at the show, goes right back into the community. It was a very nice and well thought out plan and the food for the most part was very reasonably priced.

The weather held out and it turned out to be a beautiful day although the forecast was for scattered showers. If you are ever in the area in October be sure to make a stop to eat and shop the Darlington Apple Festival...hope to see you all there next year...and if you do come be sure to stop by and say hi!