Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Playing Chicken With The Mail Man

I don't know where the month of December has gone...wait I do! I've played "chicken" with the mailman everyday! You know the game that you played as a kid, where you tried not being the first to blink or some similar version of it?

Everyday since right after Thanksgiving, sales online have exploded! It's been non stop painting, listing, packing, more painting, each and every day. Every day I would get up and see if I could get all the items that were ready to be shipped packed up and labeled before the mailman would make his stop. Some days I made it, some days I didn't. As you can see by this picture, this was a didn't make it day and meant a trip to the post office.

I hit a few milestones on etsy this past month. 2000 sales came and went! Then I had 100 sales in a week on etsy! So 2100 came and went. And if that wasn't enough another week of 100 sales on etsy!

Of course, I was also selling on ebay, artfire and my own website! Things have been crazy to say the least! On last count we shipped 313 packages containing 415 items. That's a lot of packing tape, foam wrapping and shipping labels printed.

Etsy has been extremely good to me this November and December. I had only 4 mishaps. Two signs went to the incorrect customers. Thankfully I was aware of it immediately and was able to correct it. One personalized sign had the name spelled wrong...again was able to right that one too. The last one was in my haste of sign stenciling, seems as if I omitted a word on a sign...sigh! That one is being corrected and will reshipped tomorrow. I guess it's not too bad considering the craziness that the past 3 weeks have been.

Anyway, I would like to take the time to thank all my customers that purchased from me this selling season. You allow me to do something that I love and still be home for my family...even if a few nights dinners were PB&J.