Friday, July 22, 2011

Good fences make great neighbors

When we moved here 7 years ago, the fence that was between ours and the neighbors yard was falling down. I had been wanting to replace it and we finally got around to it.

There were a few obstacles in the way. We had euononymus bushes in the flower bed in front of the fence and along the garage. I wanted them removed as I hated those bushes. You had to trim them at least 3 times a year and they really did nothing for me plantwise.

So while our neighbors were away in Europe, I told hubby that it was the perfect time to get r done! The hubby, Ian and another neighbor removed the bushes. The hubby and Ian worked on putting up the new fence sections. Chip had to build the middle section of fencing and thankfully he's a little handy dandy with the tools.

I then had decided I only wanted 1 flower bed in that area, so that meant rebricking the other flower bed area with red bricks. Should have been an easy task but with the huge maple tree that is in my neighbors yard, there were roots all over the place. We had to cut so many out of the way to just make the area flat to replace the brick.

The final part of the project was doing the raised flower bed. Chip picked out the red retaining wall bricks and we got to work laying out the bed. After much discussion, we decided that a $110 masonry saw blade would have to be purchased to cut the wall pavers that needed to be. I have to say, that I am pleased as punch with the outcome. The bed looks beautiful. The fence looks beautiful. The patio looks beautiful. Thanks honey! Love you for doing all my "little projects"! LOL!

Anyway, the neighbors have returned from their European vacation. I haven't spoken to them regarding the fence but sure do hope that they are pleased too. I sure wish that I would have taken before pictures, but I completely forgot....gosh I hate when that happens, but believe me it wasn't a pretty site.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Went a Berry Pickin'

Last weekend before the heat set in here, we went blueberry pickin'. Hubby, Ian and I were able to pick 22#'s of the little darlings. We found some bushes that had huge berries on them. Hubby said the variety was called 'Herbert'. They were yummy too.

I made fresh blueberry muffins on Sunday morning and by Monday afternoon the 2 dozen that I made were completely gone. I'm thinking that my hubby and boys are missing my baking. Since I've been on my diet, I completely have changed how I cook and what I cook. While I wasn't able to enjoy any of the muffins, I have gotten to enjoy fresh blueberries with breakfast...Yummo!

I have froze the rest to use in more muffins, yogurt smoothies and maybe some blueberry jam.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

26 Years Ago Today

Well today is my 26th wedding anniversary. Yep, I've been married to that ole thorn in my side for that long! LOL! Gotta say there were times that were rough but we made it so far!

Today also marks another anniversary....the fetal death of our second child, 22 years ago. We don't talk about him much, but I guess heaven needed another angel that day. While we can never replace him, we wouldn't have Joshua and we are so thankful for that.

I didn't share this to make anyone sad or to feel sorry for us. I share this to provide hope to others that may have suffered a know that life goes on and that it can be wonderful. That things do happen for a reason, even if we can't see what they really are.

So on this day, I want to wish my dear husband a very happy anniversary. We have a simple night, yep you heard that right, pizza and a movie out. Hope everyone has a wonderful day too!

Until next time....

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Just Gotta Say....

I have to say that you all are the absolute best! I can't thank you all enough for the support, encouragement and kind words that you posted in regards to my weight loss journey.

It's amazing that here in blogland where we only know each other cyberly that we can reach out and show love, support, compassion, empathy, gratitude, friendship, encouragement and the list goes on and on.

I am so overwhelmed that I am almost speechless...I know, hard to believe! LOL! Anyway, from the bottom of my heart I truly thank you all. I hope everyone has an awesome day....I know I will.

Until next time....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

32 Down 1 More To Go!

WooHoo! I just got on the scale yesterday and I'm 32 pounds down...only 1 more to go to get to my original weight goal of 149! I am so excited!

Who knew that 6 months ago when I had that middle of the night trip to the ER, that I would be sitting here now this much healthier? I am thankful that the insurance company said those words to me in January...that I was obese! It surely was a real wake up call! Both things were really!

I exercise everyday. I now eat healthier. I make better food choices. I am eating more of a variety of foods, including fruits and veggies. I am in love with roasted on the grill sweet potatoes and red peppers. Yummo! I've stayed away from cake, cookies, icecream, chips and all those things that taste so good but are bad for you foods. I've changed, and for the better! I've made myself a priority!

Now that I am this close, I am resetting my weight goal for another 10 pounds. I want to be back in the 130's. I haven't been there since Joshua was 6 months old and that was over 20 years ago!

And the best part is that I am buying myself a new wardrobe! I'm a size 10! I now love shopping and trying on clothes now! The 3 way mirror in the dressing room has become my friend. It shows me how nice I look in my new clothes but also shows me areas I need to work on.

I still have a few things to figure out before the craft show season what food I will eat. How and when I will eat. No more grabbing a hot dog at the show or skipping breakfast....can't do it anymore. But all will be worked out.

I want to thank everyone the past 6 months that have encouraged, supported and been there for me. Especially my husband. He has been my constant cheerleader. He has walked with me many, many miles. He has helped figure out things I could eat. He has gone shopping late at night when we had no eggs left and that would mean no breakfast for me. He's researched and figured out what vitamins, minerals and supplements that I need to be healthier. Oh and the best thing, he's losing some weight too...26#'s! WooHoo! He still has more to go, and hopefully I will be able to keep him on track and down the right path too!

Until next time....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Season of Friendship Swap to Jan

I participated in the Season of Friendship swap that Amy of Bumble Bee Lane hosted and was paired up with Jan MacKay of The Primitive Nest . We could pick one season that we liked best and then answered some questions regarding what other prim things we liked.

We were suppose to get to know each other through reading one another blogs and through emails. Jan said she liked little sheepies. So, I made this set of sheep blocks for her to tuck onto a shelf.

Staying on the sheep theme, I made some salt dough sheep and little hearts for Jan to display in an old bowl or trencher. I loved making these little cuties.

And after reading a bit of Jan's blog I found out that her and Phoebe are avid gardeners, so I decided to make a shabby garden sign for her to display.

And any gardener welcomes their friend the bumble bee...They are worth their weight in gold. Flying from one blossom to the other, gathering nectar and happily pollinating all our blossoms that will be fruits...oh my those little critters are mighty efficient. I hand poured Jan a "bee kinde" blackened beeswax ornie with my newest mold. I really love this one.

And anyone that reads Jan's blog knows that she is just "punch drunk" these days. Nope, she hasn't been nipping at the bottle, but at needle punching instead. So decided to make her a little sign she could tuck showing her passion.

I also sent a set of felted coasters that had flowers on them...forgot to take a picture of them as they almost didn't make it into the package. Anyway, it was a blast to get to know Jan through this swap and reading her blog.

Until next time....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Look Who's 21 Today!

Hard to believe that 21 years ago today that my middle son, Joshua was born! Oh my how time passes. Happy 21st Birthday Joshua!

Now drinking and driving! I know, I can just hear you saying..."Do you think I'm stupid?" "Nope, not stupid, just young and head strong!"

Anyway, Dad and I love you very much.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Spectacular Summer Blooms

Thought I would share what greets me each day when I walk out my front door. The perennial bed that I put in last year is just spectacular. Be forewarned, this post is very picture heavy but in my opinion, so worth the viewing. The top picture is a the view that someone has when they are walking up to my house.

This fuschia geranium was calling my name when I went to the local garden center this spring. I absolutely love the color. I have it in a pot sitting on my retaining wall of my perennial bed.

This gallardia, or Arizon blanket flower, is just gorgeous. I have 3 that survived the winter. This one is doing the best of them all.

The sea of echinecea's. These are my most favorite flower. I have over 15 varieties and there are still a few more that I'd love to add to my garden. They have really outdone themselves this year.

We added these hanging baskets to the front porch off the bay window. These geraniums were from last year. I over wintered them in the house and repotted them fresh this spring. I think they are doing wonderful!

This echinecea is called 'hot papaya'. I just love it's vibrant tomato red color.

This echinecea is called 'magmus'. It's a much more robust and larger echinecea than it's cousin 'purpurea'. Purpurea's were the first echinecea's that I grew and started my love affair with the flowers.

The white echinecea is called 'milkshake'. It is much like the 'hot papaya' one that I just shared, and last year was a new introduction in the echinecea world. I bought it, not really knowing what it was going to look like. It hasn't disappointed me either. The pink one that is similar is called 'pink double delight' and is much smaller than it's cousins.

Last year we planted impatiens along the edge of the retaining walls. This year the hubby suggested petunias, hoping they would cascade over the retaining walls and help keep the bed cooler. The white petunias are very vigorous, while the red ones aren't as much. The hubby thinks they have a root disease as some have rotted away from the roots up.

This larger phlox is just spectacular when in full bloom. Here it's just starting to bloom.

This bee balm is just coming into it's peak. The bees are going crazy on it most mornings. It's over 3' tall.

This a smaller bee balm. It's just right around 3' in height.

This purple coreopsis is the only one of 3 that remain from last year. I don't know what happened to the other 2 but this one is doing terrific.

If one plants can be called a show stopper, then this giant bee balm is it. It's huge. Standing over 5' in height with gorgeous red flowers. It makes a spectacular backdrop to my echineceas. We planted all of our bee balm along the 3' high chain link fence to replace the tired old azaleas that were there last year. I haven't regretted my decision one bit. Neighbors keep stopping and asking me what that red flower is!

This is the only new addition to my perennial bed this year. It's a fuschia salvia and I definitely couldn't resist it when at the local nursery. It's just barely hardy to our frost zone and I'm hoping that with a little luck and a lot of babying over the winter, that it will survive for next spring. It's simply gorgeous. Fuschia seems to be the color for me this spring.

This echinecea is called 'white swan' and is like it's more traditional cousin 'purpurea'. It's one of the taller ones.

This is another coreopsis that's called 'american dream' and the other flower in the picture is a stokesia called 'color wheel'. It has 3 different colored blossoms on it when in full bloom.

This echinecea is called 'sunrise'. Another one of my favorites...oh what am I saying, they are all my favorites.

And if you're still hanging in there with me, this is the last picture to share of the flowers out front of my house. These are my upper front window boxes. We planted the same red and white petunias in them as we did along the retaining walls. I'm loving that they are just starting to cascade down over the box. Hope you enjoyed the pretty picture show. I'll have to share the flowers in the back and side beds at a later time.

Until next time...