Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beautiful Bonnets

Last month Lecia of Farmhouse Prims had a special for free shipping on the beautiful bonnets that she makes. So that was enough to make me hurry and drop Lecia an email inquiring if she still had 2 bonnets that I was interested in. Lecia replied yes, that she had the two, so it was a done deal.

I bought the beautiful blue print bonnet that I have hanging on my peg hooks and I just couldn't resist the adorable childs bonnet that Lecia also had. Oh my, is it too cute!

I gotta say that not only are Lecia's bonnets well made, they are absolutely addicting. So if you have never purchased Lecia's bonnets, I gotta say "What are ya waitng for?". Hurry over to her blog and check out the lovely bonnets that Lecia makes and treat yourself with one or two or fifty! LOL!

Until next time....

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Parking Pad

Living in a townehome community, the parking can get pretty tight on a good day. Let someone have a party or have company over and parking becomes a real nightmare. Couple that with the fact that the hubby is the auto mechanic for our 4 vehicles, and an off street parking pad is a complete necessity.

But before any car could be parked there, we had to do a little reinforcing. The sewer clean out just happens to be in that area that we wanted to use for parking. So that meant the pipe had to be reinforced around with cinder blocks to keep from crushing the pipe and causing thousand of dollars to fix the sewer line.

We also had to move one of our raised vegetable beds to the side and re route the fence. We still need to replace a piece of the chain link fencing and will do so when I get a chance to pick up a roll from Home Depot.

Gotta say that this project was finished just in time as the hubby is already hard at work on some much needed auto repairs to my car.

Until next time....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another New Shelf

I had hubby make me this shelf awhile back...hey, while the man is on a roll and cooperative making things, why not? I finally got around to painting it and had him hang it up for me last week. I'm still busy collecting things to add to it. I think I need to figure out a way to keep my hubby in the woodshop or at least get him in there more often!

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A sweet new Annie

I just love this little Annie! Cyndy from Crafty Stitchers had shown off this little Annie with her sock monkey locket and sock monkey printed fabric pinafore awhile back and I knew right then, that I would have to buy her to join my little sock monkey that I had purchased from Cyndy previously. Isn't she so cute? Be sure to stop by Cyndy's blog and to check out her etsy shoppe to see what other goodies Cyndy has up for sale.

Until next time....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the 40's....

No, not the 1940's! And nope, not my age either....saw that number 9 years ago! Well, it's my weight! I'm in the 140's! I've been trying to get here and I am finally there!

It took some figuring out to break the plateau I was on, but I did it! Talked to one of my neighbors who happens to be a personal trainer and her advice was to change my routine, so I did. I added running up and down a set of 15 concrete steps at our local middle school. I do this after my 3.2 mile walk in the mornings. I've been running up and down the steps for about 14 days now and I'm up to 16 ups and downs. But the best thing is, I thought I would just get down to 149. Well 149 came and went. Then I thought the scale would read 148. Nope, I am all the way down to 146! Yep! One hundred and forty six! WooHoo! The lightest I've been in about 20 years! For those that have been paying attention and keeping count, that's 36 pounds off this ole body of mine!

I've also been adding more fruits and veggies back into my diet trying to transition to a more normal way of eating and I gotta say that roasted sweet potatoes have never tasted so sweet, nor have crenshaw or honeydew melons! Oh my! They taste just like candy to me! It's amazing what happens when you don't eat refined sugar anymore...fruits and veggies taste sweeter!

Anyway, just had to share with you all. Until next time...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Went Dumpster Diving....

Well I didn't actually have to dive in a dumpster for this beauty. I was just taking a walk last night with my friend and neighbor when we happened across this old wood school desk in the alley. The owner had set it out for the trash man to haul away. Can you believe it?

Looks like someone had the idea to maybe refinish the desk but only got as far as sanding it down. I'm thinking that I might just put a nice wax finish on it and maybe paint the wrought iron legs black. And the hard part, is do I then sell it? I've wanted a fold down desk for myself for years. Really would have to find a place for it if I wanted to keep it. Decisions, decisions!

Until next time...