Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Following The Leader, The Leader, The Leader, I'm Following The Leader Wherever She May Go!

Late last night inspiration struck for a new series of signs. Remember when we were kids and played outside all day from sunrise to sunset? Our parents had to threaten to punish us if we didn't come in to eat dinner? The games we played in my neighborhood provided many hours of fun.

So while still inspired, thanks Sharon, off I went researching old fashioned children's games on the internet. Many hours later and a walk back through time, I settled on a few sayings for my new signs.


Of course hide and seek was one of my favorite games to play. I think we've played every variation of the game that we could think up.


Sadly, some of my favorite games, there are no sayings for them, which was a big disappointment as I couldn't turn these into signs! Sigh! Games like Red Light/Green Light, Kick the Can and Flashlight Tag to name a few.


I remember as a child playing this game for hours...The boys always tried to be real rough and break through the line, but they were sadly outnumbered by the girls on our block!

Gone are the simple sounds of my childhood. Children played these old fashioned games until the early 70's but with the advent of television, video games and computers they are a lost art form. My children don't know these games, outside of tag you're it, which they played in the schoolyard! The sounds of their childhood, instead are electronic bleeps and blips...


  1. I lived in a neighborhood full of kids and remember spending all day outside too! Had to watch for the front porch light, or the street lights to come on to tell us when to come home! Sadly, living in the country like we do now, my kids don't have the instant group of kids to play with - it all involves driving to get somewhere. sigh...

  2. T,

    We live in a neighborhood and the kids don't play any games together. Unless you call hanging out on the corner playing your game boy playing together! It's such a sad commentary on today's youth...they go work for a company and have to learn how to work as a "team" by going to seminars and such...we learned it simply on the street corners! Sigh! Maybe companies should just have recess once in awhile and save money.


  3. hey Dee I see she just signed in...she's flowing the leader, the leader, the leader.


  4. What don't they get by me posting things......JUSY GO AWAY JERRY!