Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Flea Market Finds

The allure of the flea market on Sundays is too great...there I confessed! Is this the first step in a twelve step junk collectors anonymous program? If so, I won't go quietly....rather I will go kicking and screaming! LOL!

I was able to go to one of my favorite flea market again today and pick up a bunch of new goodies to paint. My stash is really building up and with the warmer weather I should be able to get most of it primed and painted soon. There were a ton of vendors and customers as the weather was ideal...not too hot, not too cool...just right.


Anyway, I was able to pick up 3 teapots, 2 rolling pins, 2 glass that was brand new still in the packaging, a grater, an abc plate, a small mirror, a nice scale, a 2 piece canister set, a heat diffuser, a dozen still in the box zinc lids, 2 sifters, 3 band aid tins, 2 small jugs/crocks, a pineapple shaped bowl and a shaker thingy. I know real technical terminology! I can't wait to get started painting this batch up as I already have some ideas of what I'm painting.

I also picked up some fantastic perennials and two Martha Washington geraniums from a local grower that sets up there. His prices are terrific and so far I haven't had a single perennial loss yet from last falls plantings.

Anyway, stay tuned for an update of some of the finished projects from my treasure hunting.


  1. Wow Dee, you really made out!!

  2. Brenda......
    Stay away from the the zink lids...there mine.....LOL

    That's ok I have about 100 of them in my shed for about 10 years. I dream about making pinkeeps in my dreams.


  3. Wow Dee, you really found some treasures! Our flea markets should be starting soon......can't wait!

  4. Jody,

    Thanks. I love the flea market...more so than yard sales. Lots of treasures in one place. Hope you'll have luck when yours start.


  5. So've been out trash pickin' again. Looks like lots of great finds. Gives you lots to do on this rainy Monday.

  6. Pat,

    Well not actually dumpster diving...I let someone else do that for me...but I do love the flea market and some of the things are so dirty you would think they were found in the dumpster...maybe some were. Guess I'm better off not knowing!

    As for having something to do on this rainy know there's always "something" to do!


  7. You sure have a knack for finding great stuff! Wish we had a flea market here! Kat S.

  8. Kat,

    Come visit...I'll take you to mine! Promise!