Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yummy Wild Raspberries

Look what the hubby brought me home the other day. All those lovely wild black raspberries! We own 6 acres rurally that he gardens on and there are all these wild raspberry plants on it. He and Ian spent some time the other day picking these beauties.

Last ones that he picked for me, I made jam with. Hardly got any as the male folk in the house devoured it! He said there are more rippening, so hopefully he will get a bunch more...that's if he can beat the trespassers, who help themselves to the berries. I keep telling him to get me a shotgun and if I catch them, well they won't be back on our property again.

Until next time...


  1. They do look yummy Dee. Ours are getting ripe too.
    Happy eating.


  2. Oh Dee....those are positively making my mouth WATER! YUMMM!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. OH YUMMY! Folks these days are so rude, going onto other's property and helping themselves is just not right! I'm glad you got some of those beautiful berries! Have a great day;)

  4. The trespasser on our bushes are 2 sweet little blondes.LoL The twins think they are "their" garden and eat them as quick as the ripen.Yum Jam or syrup sounds so good.Hugs!~Amy

  5. Oh those look soooo good!!!


  6. They're almost too pretty to eat. So happy it's berry season again! ~Roberta

  7. However do you find the time to make jam? Chip and Ian did good!

  8. They look beautiful....
    I made raspberry jam last year and it is wonderful on pancakes! I love making jam. Makes me feel so domestic.....

  9. I love raspberries, Ive never had the chance to pick & eat them right away. Hide some for yourself this time!! ~Kriss~

  10. Oh yummy!!! We walked a new trail last night and Brady ate his way through!! I usually make cobbler.....soooooo yummy!!

    Enjoy your Thursday!! :O)