Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rainy Day Projects

I just love rainy days, especially when I can get the hubby motivated to make me a few things. So a few weeks ago, we had almost a week of rain. Since the hubby has his own lawn service business and rain and grass cutting don't go together too well, what better time to put the hubbies other talents to use.

I had the hubby make me a new shelf for the hallway just like the one only smaller that he made for my bedroom and a simple peg hanger for the entrance way alcove. I am still busy decorating and adding things to them but will post pictures once I have them all tweaked out.

The hubby also made me another different shelf too...still need to paint that one and get it hung, but will share pictures when I get it done. Gotta love a man that can not only make a lawn look pretty but isn't bad with the woodworking tools too! LOL!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Dee, You are so lucky (as I am too) to have such a great husband to make things for you...isn't it nice???

    He did a fantastic job on the shelf. I like it.
    I'm not partial to rainy days...for some reason i don't want to motivate on those


  2. Ah, envy creeping into my blood........
    my hubby doesn't do saws, or painting, or sanding..... I find my self feeling fortunate when he gets out the level to help me hang something.
    As far as rain goes---what better a day for snuggling and watching movies and even catching a nap?

  3. Ahhhh....lucky, lucky, you Dee! I'm in the same boat as Linda - DH doesn't do saws, etc. and even hanging something is usually an ordeal! Love the shelves!! Now you have the fun part ahead - putting stuff on them!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. You lucky lucky girl!! What a great hubby you have!! Although mine is a sweetheart he has no clue how to make anything! I however am on the path to learning...girl power!! It all looks great! ~Kriss~