Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can You Guess What It Is Win?

Denise over at the TheKrazyKraftLady blog had a guess what it is giveaway. She had lots of guesses for what the object was and I was the lucky correct guesser. What a fun way to have a giveaway.

Anyway, Denise posted this picture...

Living in the home state of the Preakness for almost the past 30 years, I've been privileged to see quite a few interesting hats that the ladies would don to the event. They will dress up in their finest dresses and most outrageous hats. So when looking at the picture, I thought, that looks like an interesting hat that the women that go to the Preakness Stakes would wear. So that was my upside down hat.

You'll have to pop over to Denise's blog and see her post where she models her hat for us. I have to say she looks lovely in it.

Denise sent me the beautiful stitchery in the first picture. The post office managed to break the glass into pieces, even though it was thoroughly wrapped and packed. I will make a trip to Home Depot to get a replacement piece. I already have a spot picked out for it to hang. And if the stitchery wasn't enough Denise also sent me that cute little sheepie. He is too cute. Now the hubby has to make me another peg rack! LOL! Love making some more work for him to do! Heehee!

Denise also has a selling blog where she lists her beautiful creations for sale. If you've never visited, be sure to pop over and check her out.

Thank you so much Denise for hosting a fun giveaway and for the lovely gifts.

Until next time....


  1. So glad you like your stitchery and sheep Dee :) I feel so bad that the glass broke. You could get a replacement glass at the $ store - just buy the same size frame and take out the glass. It's a 8.5" x 11". I would send you one myself, but that would probably get broken too :(
    Thank you for the 'plug' :)

  2. Congrats Dee! Sweet little stitchery and sheep! But that hat - wowswers! I probably wouldn't have guessed that in a million years....I'll have to pop over to Denise's just to read through what the guesses were!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Congrats on your win ! Love the stitchery and the sheepie !Hugs,Jen

  4. Well, I thought it was a peony on one of those accordion things we used to decorate with in the stone age......
    She cracks me up!
    Good win, GF!

  5. Congrats Dee on your wonderful win!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Ahh, yes you were the wiz and knew the answer:) Oh, don't get me goin' on the postal workers. I'll bet the package was even marked fragile. I love Denise's lil dollies and have one of her bunny tucks with a fabulous finish.

  7. Congrats!! What a fun way to do a giveaway ~Kriss~

  8. I love the stitchery you won from Denise and I was on her blog and saw the beautiful hat...she wears it well...gosh you are so clever to know what it was! CONGRATULATIONS.