Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some More Beeswax

I purchased a few more molds to make some more beeswax ornies and another votive. I really am liking working with beeswax. It is such a change of pace from painting. This votive holder says "Good Huswife" on the front and has 2 fraktur on each side of it. A wax dipped, cinnamon brushed flameless votive was inserted inside of the middle of the votive holder. The votive holder has been brushed with cinnamon.

When I saw this log cabin sampler, I knew I had to purchase the mold. I am absolutely loving it. I added a rusty wire hanger to the top so as to be able to hang it off of a peg, cabinet knob, tie on a basket, or to hang on an everyday prim tree. I added a black and mustard homespun fabric strip along with a piece of cheesecloth to the wire hanger. A small metal rimmed coffee stained hangtag which says "Homestead" has been attached with a rusty safety pin to the fabric on the hanger...I think it's prim perfect.

I also purchase this Eagle mold. It's so patriotic perfect for the upcoming summertime holidays. Again, I have dusted the ornie with cinnamon and attached a rusty wire hanger. Black and mustard checked homespun along with a piece of cheesecloth has been tied around the wire hanger. A coffee stained metal rimmed hangtag which says "liberty" has been added to the fabric strip. It looks great hanging off my new peg rack.

These as well as the others that I had in a previous giveaway will be available on my website.

Until next time...


  1. Love the molds, the candle mold is so unusual and I like the log cabin one. I have never used beeswax before, sounds interesting to learn. Vicky

  2. Beautiful creations !Love the log house one.Have a great day ,Jen

  3. dee, they are prim perfect! I love beeswax but have never worked with it. love that sampler with the log cabin! great stuff, my friend.......

  4. Love it all D!! I really like the liberty one!!


  5. hi,Dee
    They are all so cute~ wonderful job!!! Summertime goodies!!!
    have a great day!!

  6. Beautiful pieces! The votive holder is so unique!

  7. Good job Dee! I love working with beeswax too : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  8. These are absolutely wonderful, Dee!! Loving that little votive and the Liberty hanger....will be visiting your website soon! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Love, love, love them! You did a great job, looks like they would be a lot of fun to make.

  10. Love these. Working with wax has been something I've wanted to do more of, I've played with it but until our Hooby Lobby opens here this month (whoo hoo) I'm limitid in local supplies. Great job!! ~Kriss~

  11. Dee ... I am trying to email you but I'm getting an error when I click to do so. Please email me at Blessings, Shirlee

  12. Awesome beeswax items. I love the blackened look. I am on my way to check them out on your website. I love the "Good Housewife" flameless candle.


  13. Love them all. That is something I would love to try to learn to do. I love how primitive they look.