Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm A 10!

Just ask my hubby! LOL! Well maybe not a perfect 10...maybe a 9 1/2! Always need a little room for improvement!

This weekend I went shopping with my friend Cookie. We went to our favorite store to shop at...Kohls! They were having a good sale, we had a 20% off coupon and I had a $10 gift card that Kohls sent to me for being a valued customer for my birthday. So off we went to Kohls and 4 hours later came home with a few new things. So you are asking yourself what does shopping at Kohls have to do with being a 10? Good question and read on...

As most of you know, I've been dieting and exercising to lose weight. I've lost 28 pounds so far. So while shopping, I decided to try on some capris. Well I went for the usual size 12 and guess what? They were too big. Be still my heart! It can't be! I ran back out to the capri display and picked up a size 10. Went back tot he dressing room and tried them on...they fit and looked wonderful too! OH MY! I'm a 10 again! LOL!

I haven't been in size 10's for a long while...probably 6+ years, so it felt good to finally be back there. The past 2 weeks I've been stalled in weight loss...haven't really lost any, so I started reading and evaluating why. I came across some information on BMR. What BMR is, the rate at which your body consumes calories at while resting, your basic metabolic rate. So I calculated mine, then multiplied it by the activity level factor to get how many calories I should consume in a day to maintain my current weight. You've gotta know what you have to have in order to know how much to cut out. So with that calculated, I now am ready to eat to loss weight again...yep, you heard that right. I will be eating more to lose weight.

Seems like I might have put my body into starvation mode, which doesn't allow you to burn the excess fat stores. Oh my, our bodies are wonderful in its ability to persevere through tough times. Anyway, in about 10 days or so, I will know if I am on the right track or not. So starting today I have to consume 2100 calories a day. Hopefully, with the activity level that I achieve each day, I will burn about 500-600 or so calories each day which should give me approx. a 1-1 1/2# weight loss each week.

I know, overly complicated sounding and so boring, but I think that the reason most women go off diets is that once they hit a plateau and the weight stops coming off, they stop dieting and watching what they eat, since it doesn't appear to be working anymore. I also spoke with another neighbor who is a personal trainer and she said the #1 thing that people who are trying to lose weight do wrong, is underfed their bodies. We try to get by on the fewest calories, which barely fuel our resting bodily functions let alone our activity level functions so our bodies go into starvation mode and start to build up fat stores instead of burning them. So wish me luck on my jump starting the weight loss process again. I have about 10 more pounds to go.

Until next time....


  1. Dee how wonderful...yeah for you!
    And I totally understand the eat to burn fat...your body needs fat to burn fat - it makes sense.
    I'm so proud of you!
    Hey, glad to see Kohl's sent you a gift coupon! Not sure why but we received a $5.00 one yesterday but not for a birthday. I think that store ROCKS...we shopped 3 times this week because we had a 20% coupon plus 2 $10.00 Kohls Bucks.

    Happy eating! lol


  2. CONGRATS on being a 10!!!!! That is awesome! I hate to admit it, but I haven't been a 10 since before my son was born, so sad, I need to get my rear in gear and lose some too!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss ! Oh to be a 10 again... Hugs,Jen

  4. Big congrats to you girlfriend!! I'm proud of ya!! Best of luck on the remaining pounds to lose! I was a 10 last summer but gained over the winter so now it's a 12 again but I'm gonna get back to a 10 again.....did a 3 mile walk tonight with a friend and we are gonna continue this. That's how I got into a 10 last year!


  5. WooHoo for you Dee!!! Happy 10! And I'm just grinning ear to ear knowing I can eat more and lose weight (that's what you said, right?!! ;o) My story and I'm sticking to it!!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Hey Dee, this is very interesting..I would love to know more about BMR..maybe that was my problem..I sure did feed it tonight..we had pizza..our once a month splurge and it was good..congrats on the size 10..I will be happy at a 12..but I have a bit to go before I hit that one..take care and thanks for writing about is encouraging.;)

  7. Congrats to you Dee!! That's so awesome, you're doing great on your diet and exercise plan! Size 10 ~ Yay!!

  8. Good for you!! it's a great feeling to take care of you have a lot more energy now too. Show those pants off with pride! ~Kriss~

  9. Congratulations Dee...You've worked so hard at this. How many miles a day are you up to now?