Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two "Big" Giveaways You Don't Want To Miss

You don't want to miss either of these "Big" giveaways so be sure to hop...errr...stop over and sign up for both.

The first is presented by Vicky of Vicky's Art. Vicky is having a giveaway for reaching her goal of 100 followers. And since we all know that is a "big" goal to reach, Vicky decided to have a "big" giveaway.

Vicky painted this cute big bunny to offer to the lucky winner but hurry, she's drawing the lucky winners name on Match 12th so hurry.

And as we go into our second week of this giveaway, be sure to hurry on over and sign up. The prizes are awesome that the talented artists of the PAFA team are offering. So whatcha waiting for? One lucky winner will receive the motherlode of prizes and ya know you want it to be you! I do too, so hop, run, skip or jump on over and sign up. There are even extra chances to win, so come on and join the fun!


  1. Good Morning, Dee,
    Such a cute bunny. Thanks for sharing the link. I'll stop over there next.

    We are getting more snow. I hope you are safe and warm. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~Natalie

  2. Yes thank you for posting this, I've become a blogaholic.....