Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mr. Sunflowers New Home and A Peek At My New Shelf

Most of you have already seen Mr. Sunflower from The Rusty Thimble's sale and giveaway that Brenda did last month. I didn't win him in her giveaway but did purchase him in Brenda's online monthly sale. Isn't he adorable?

I also purchased the watermelon slices that are sitting in his lap too. He looks right at home sitting in my rocking chair in my bedroom.

This little cutie from the sale too. He is sitting atop my curio that houses my precious moment collection...yep, love those little collection numbers 200+ and I can tell you for awhile there it was quite addicting, the shopping for them, I mean! LOL! Anyway, the little bunny is waiting patiently to be placed in his new home, which brings us to the next picture...

My new wood peg shelf that my hubby made for me. We looked at designs online and I picked one that was a little different...well that was until the hubby put it together. He had all the pieces laid out right, was doing his careful measuring and aligning and managed to put the thing together wrong. Now you are probably looking at it thinking that it looks fine, but it's backwards, believe me. I'll post other pictures later to show you all what I am talking about. But it still looks good and I am thankful that he has the talent and ability to make somethings for me. I guess I'd better not squawk too much, or I won't get anymore things made!

Be sure to go to Brenda's blog and sign up for her next sale....just click on her send an email link and put "online sale" in the description and she add you to her sale notification list. Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

Until next time...


  1. Dee
    Like the shelf can't wait to see more~
    Your purchased some cuties off of Brenda~ she is so talented!

  2. Hey D! You are getting to be quite the active one on blogging...what's up with that?? LOL! The shelf looks good and you are right, at least you have a hubby that cuts wood!!


  3. Teresa,

    Thanks. I am going to try to get the shelf painted today. Looks like it's suppose to be a nice day.


  4. B,

    Well somebody has to keep you entertained! I've been making a list of blog post ideas and trying to stick to it...that way I have a direction to head in.


  5. I love your purchases I too like Brenda's work.
    Your shelf looks fine from here. I wish my husband did things like that for me ~ I'm jealous!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  6. Dee I just love all your wonderful prim goodies from The Rusty Thimble! She is just so darned talented! I love your shelf too! I can't wait to see it filled with prim goodies!

  7. I love your bunny from Brenda, can't wait to get mine. You sure have a lovely collection!!!

  8. I love all my Brenda 'goodies'. She is amazing.
    Looks like a great shelf to me. Can't wait to see what color you paint it.
    I have a curio filled with Cherished Teddies that I have collected over the years. Funny what we gals gather, isn't it? :)

  9. The bunnies and shelf look great Dee. I don't even have my snowmen put away yet.


  10. That bunny is so cute and the shelf looks great!

  11. Love Brenda's creations, she is so talented and they look beautiful in your home, great displays! Great shelf your DH made, maybe you've got a new line you can start selling Dee! Thanks for your sweet comments at my blog, much appreciated! Deb

  12. Definitely love Brenda's dollies. Your bunny looks great on that chair. Of course you shelf looks fine. Your hubby just put his "special" touch to it:)

  13. I think the shelf looks great and wish my husband would even think about making one for me, The Bunny is just to cute. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. As soon as I get 100 followers I will be having another give away :)

  14. Tell Chipper looks like he did good! Now you'll just need for him to hang it for you!