Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Calendar Says...

It's spring! Yippee! And from the looks of things, I have to agree...

The pussy willow tree in my neighbors yard has bloomed and sprouted it's soft little furry buds. I remember as a child rubbing pussy willow buds over my arms...the soft feel was a welcoming sign of spring.

And my rose bushes are already budding! Yeah! These are new bushes from last year and I am pleased to say that they have survived the winter. You never know from one year to the next what will make it.

These irises are just popping up through the mulch. My hubby brought them home from a customers house a few years back. We planted them and last year was the first year that we had blooms on them. Seems like irises need to get a "hold" before they like to share their beauty. Sure hope this year they feel so inclined again to share.

My bee balm is peeking out. Another new addition last year in my new perennial bed and to me as a gardener. I had run out of room for sun loving plants until we added our new sunny perennial bed last year. I am so glad that we did too.

And of course with the warmer temps came a trip to the local nursery to pick up some pansies for my porch pots. They will stay until sometime in June when I will switch over to impatiens as the pansies just don't like my hot sunny front porch then.

It is a beautiful spring day today, sunny and still a little chilly, but I will take it. Enjoy your day.

Until next time....


  1. I just LOVE pansies!!! Thanks for sharing your springtime beauty with us and have a wonderful day:)

  2. we are getting the same weather as you.and everything is blooming here..or getting their leaf it!!!! :) have a great sunday;)

  3. Just loving this weather and little green things poppin' up out of the soil...what nursery do you go to? I usually get my plants at Webers but they aren't going to open this year until July 21st.

  4. My crocus started blooming today-a great welcome for spring.
    I think you are a bit ahead of us, but I am going to be watching for my neighbors pussy willow to start blooming!
    Have a wonderful first week of spring!