Monday, March 7, 2011

It's a Dogs Life

Every day when I take my walk I meet lots of four legged fur babies along the way. Some run over to greet me, barking, tail wagging the whole way. They are funny to watch.

Miss Maddie is one that we have meet along the way. She loves my hubby...she just goes nuts for him. I am usually an after thought but that's ok. She's a labradoodle I think. She has the height of the labrador and the hair of the poodle. Anyway, we usually stop and pet Maddie and talk to her human Rebecca when we see them.

Then there are all the dogs that we don't really see but do hear. As we walk through the alleys, most of the pups are hidden behind privacy fences and we can only hear them. Some are very funny...they only bark when you are right at their house and stop as if someone turned the switch off.

We unfortunately are unable to have any inside animals due to the hubby being highly allergic, so we do enjoy our neighbors fur babies as much as we can.

I usually like to work in themes when I create new signs so since there seems to be alot the pups along my walking route, I did some sign to celebrate those four legged fur babies.

You can find them in my etsy shoppe or at my website. Of course there also are a few other creatures that we have encountered on our walks too. There's a parrot named Morgan who sits atop the window shutters and loves to look out and we've discovered that someone has a pet duck when walking by and hearing his little quacking going on. Maybe my next group of signs will be fowl inspired...

Til next time...


  1. you better do some for the cats..we get cat snobbers not dog ones..cute signs.;)

  2. Gina,

    Already have those in the works. I encounter kitties when walking too. They love to follow you when your walking. So stay tuned.


  3. Love your doggie sayings and so does the sock eater!

  4. Love your puppy inspired signs Dee, my pups are near and dear to my heart so you had me reading this post as soon as I saw your title! Lovely sayings and all true, I am sure they will be big sellers. Off to take a look at your signs, love them all! Deb

  5. I truly enjoyed this post! Most walkers fuss about the dogs they meet along the way, but you and your hubby have embraced them. I like all your signs too, but the paw prints on your heart, touched mine!
    betty,through my back door

  6. Too cool! Loved all the signs, I will visit your etsy shop!

  7. Your signs are fantastic!
    Congrats on your winnings!(PAFTT)
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  8. I love my dogs so much. These signs are made with so much understanding of a dog lover that I'd swear you had some!

    Thanks for linking up on the Sunburnt Cow link party, Dee.