Thursday, March 12, 2009

True Character Sign

Isn't this a great sign? I just love it's meaning. It's hard as parents to raise your children up right but I always remind them of this saying when they want to take an easy road...Sometimes the road less traveled is the better choice.


  1. Boy, if that sign doesn't stop and make you think!!! Everyone needs one of those!

  2. Dee...As you already know this has been my all time favortite sayings.

    But then I think another one can say......A person or persons true chacater is revealed by what they think we don't see or know, but what they try to hide that we do see.

    There's a lot of Eddie Haskel's out there that want you to think that they don't care what's going on in peoples lives, but yet can't keep their curiosity at bay.

    I do know another God's word say's....I will make you enemy's His footstool". Amen