Monday, March 23, 2009

My Kitchen...Or What Use To Be My Kitchen

It's funny how one little idea turns into a monster, taking on a life of it's own. I told the hubby in January that we needed to replace the kitchen floor. We were and had been developing linoleum potholes quicker than a Baltimore street after the winter thaw! Of course his response at first was...nah!!! Potholes, what potholes? Of course he was just looking at having to miss spending time romancing the couch and new tv.

We discussed a timeline before starting the project. He says 2 weeks..Ok! 2 weeks, was doable. Well he hit the first snag immediately...6 layers of linoleum/underlayment later...Seems the previous owners just laid a new layer over the old layer when they wanted a new floor.

New game plan...remove the floor in a single layer.Had to figure out "how" to do it. Game plan all set. Went to remove the sink base snag. The backsplash was installed over the base and wall cabinets was installed over the backsplash. Got that removed, so now my kitchen is gutted.

Of course, another snag...the floor had to be reinforced from underneath as we were putting down a new tile floor and the subfloor would flex as we walked. So a week of working on that. If you haven't figured out by now, my hubby moves at the pace of a slug...hence his nickname "Sluggo" least that's what my girlfriend calls him, thanks Sharon! LOL!


They installed the cement board while I was out treasure hunting. Finally some progress towards the finish line.


Yep, that's Josh laying tiles. He spent his last day of spring break helping his Dad with the floor...he even got up before noon! Oh my!


Hey, look at that...Sluggo is working! LOL!


Floor is almost done. Had to quit for the night as the boys were wearing out!

Of course now with a new floor it has lead me to other kitchen renos....needless to say the hubby is already hiding! LOL! I'll give him a week or two break, then it's building new cabinets and painting! His list just never ends! LOL!

I've posted some pictures of the project to share. I didn't get before pictures...wish I would have but anyway, I have pictures from yesterdays work.


  1. Wow, you do have a mess don't ya?? But....I LOVE that floor!! Everything is going to look awesome once it's done!!

  2. B,

    Thanks B! I only changed my mind on the tile 3 times! Now that it's down, I'm really happy that we went with this one. I need to go look at paint chips again.