Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tisket, a tasket, it's 2 new baskets!

Ok, so I've been shopping alot on etsy recently...well not just etsy but these two baskets did come from etsy. I'll show you what I bought elsewhere in another post.

Anyway, back to the baskets. So I've been looking for some baskets to hang on the peg hooks on my shelf and dough bowl rack that the hubby made me, and I found 2 on etsy.

The first one is a garlic basket. I purchased this basket from BasketsbyLisa on etsy. I didn't realize til just now that I was her first sale. Anyway, I just love the basket. I need to get some Sweet Annie to put in it, but that will wait for another time. Anyway, Lisa also included that cute oval basket tie on as a thank you. I need to get some jute to tie it on to the basket.

This basket I purchased from Cheryl's Creations on etsy. I was looking for a small elbow basket and this one will fit the bill. I need to get some Sweet Annie for this basket too. Darn hubby needs to hurry up and plant my seed that I bought so I have my own Sweet Annie to use! Anyway, Cheryl painted the cutest little flowers just under the band of the basket.

Be sure to check out both gals shoppes on etsy....they have some cute baskets.

Until next time...


  1. Love the heart shaped basket, nice find!

  2. very cool! I love shopping on line! So much less hassle and you are rarely disappointed!

  3. Nice baskets Dee. I had one like the garlic basket in my shop and they are neat.


  4. Lovely baskets Dee, I'll have to go check out both of their shops, thanks for sharing! Deb

  5. Good evening, Dee,
    One can never have enough baskets!
    Have a Blessed Easter. ~Natalie