Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bowling Social

Today I took Sean and Ian to a bowling social that Sean's supportive employment agency sponsored. This was their first one and if the turnout was an indication it was a complete success.

Sean giving Ian a high five after making a spare. The boys really support one another, even though at times, they fight like cats and dogs. Sean bowled on a non competitive bowling league while in high school. There you bowled against your own average and not others...that way there was lots of room for self improvement.

Ian was so thrilled with me taking his picture while waiting to bowl! NOT!

Ian watching his ball roll as he made his spare. My hubby and I were big time bowlers before we had kids and when Sean was little. As we added more kids to our family it became impossible to keep up with the sport both my hubby and I so enjoyed.

The scoreboard from the boys second game...Ian did a great job that game.

There was a incident while bowling that was very disturbing to me. Some of the participants had disabilities. One was an older women, who I guess was in her 40's. She had a caretaker from the agency with her. Her caretaker stepped away for a moment and Christine asked me my name. I told her and shook her hand. She then asked me if I had a dog, which I answered no to. Her caretaker starting admonishing her about asking personal questions. I thought what the heck? We are in a social setting and she is just trying to get to know a little about me. I realize that people with disabilities may have their quirks and maybe asking "personal" questions is Christine, but I thought hey this is one situation where her questions are absolutely appropriate.

So basically after she was scolded by her caretaker, Christine didn't ask anymore questions nor did she attempt conversation. There are better ways to handle issues and this certainly wasn't one of them. How is Christine ever suppose to learn to be socially appropriate if when she attempts social interaction, she is shut down by her caretaker? Her question to me wasn't offensive and was socially appropriate in my opinion. Maybe Christine was trying to see if there was something that we had in common, I don't know. I just wish the caregiver would have taken a step back and realize that maybe she was the one stepping over the line.

We also had a pleasant surprise when we got to the bowling alley. We wound up bowling next to Delene. She and Sean went to school together since 6th grade. Sean and Delene went to their prom together. They were voted prom king and queen by their peers that year. Delene left school that year, in 2005 and went to other programs that are available for disabled youths. Sean stayed in school til he turned 21. Anyway, it was nice to see Delene and catch up with her family as to what was going on in their lives.

The boys seemed to enjoy their time was only their mom being a "mom" that was a little stressed out...I just can't help it!


  1. It is always great when kids have an intrest that doesn't hurt them (like football) I know with 8 sons there was always one in some kind of event..They are memories you will always cherish :)

  2. glad you all had a great time..and you are right..Christine was not out of line with asking you a simple non personal question..I would have asked you that as we were talking like you said to see if there is common ground..

  3. Good Morning, Dee,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time...with just the one unfortunate incident. I agree that your conversation with the woman could have continued. If she had gotten way too personal, you could have changed the subject to something else. After all, you are one that completely understands the 'lack of a filter' sometimes...
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your pics.

    Have a wonderful week ~Natalie

  4. Hi Dee,

    Sounds like a fun time bowling! :) I agree with you about Christine's questions, I think they were perfectly appropriate in the social situation you were in. Her caretaker is keeping Christine from getting to know people ~ and from people getting to know Christine ~ and that's a shame.

    Enjoyed seeing your pictures!
    Wishing you a great evening!

  5. Having worked with Sp needs for 30 years, I agree Christine's questions were harmless. In the caretakers defense maybe Christine has been working on goals of not asking strangers personal questions.I hope she was treated with dignity when reprimanded. I personally enjoyed watching my students interact with strangers in social situations. I will always have a love for Sp needs children and adults.