Friday, April 15, 2011

My Valentine's Gift

No, not the Annie and Andy. This is the picture of them together that I promised from my post yesterday. Although they do look like star struck lovers. Don't they look so cute there with their little critters?

And yep, you read the title right. I told the hubby that I wanted him to make me a dough bowl rack for Valentines Day. He had it made in no time flat. So why am I showing it to you two months later? Well first I had to paint it, so got that done. Then decided where I wanted to put it.

Of course I wanted to paint the wall before I hung it up. That's where the problem came in. My walls in my livingroom are a lovely Breyers icecream french vanilla. Well french vanilla walls and boys don't mix too well. They had the walls dirty and scraped up in no time. No amount of scrubbing was gonna help either as I already did that. I had saved the paint can lid with the paint chip color but couldn't find it. Tried to go to Home Depot to find it but Glidden was only having them carry 256 colors and not the 1000 that they were. My wall color was one of the ones they no longer had the formula to unless I knew the name. So after frantically searching for 2 weeks, I finally found the paint lid and chip. Had Home Depot mix the paint for me and then had to wait for a nice warm day so I could open the windows and air out the house as I painted. Well this past Monday was just the perfect day.

Tuesday I was able to get the dough bowl rack hung. I still need, notice I said "need", to order a bonnet to hang off it and I know just who to get one from. I have a small elbow basket for one of the pegs coming too. I'm thinking of making a ditty bag and experimenting with fabric printing.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you my gift of love that the hubby made me. Some girls want diamonds...I just want shelves and stuff! LOL!

Until next time...


  1. I love your shelf -your hubby did a great job!

  2. I have been wondering what I could possibly make ( makeover? ) for you. Something to hang from your new pegs. I have a medium size elbow basket-- I have numerous baskets that I plan to paint and/or stain. I have about 20 bread boards, including a set of pigs. I have a couple small spice chests, dozens of spoons, matchboxes, almost anything wood. Weather-permitting I will be working soon. Poured rain all day today. *sigh*

  3. I wish my husband could do that. It looks great.

  4. Looking Good Dee... Chip did a wonderful job, and in record time too!

  5. I love your Ann and Andy, your husband did an awesome job making the dough bowl rack. I love it!! You have it decorated so prim!!! Awesome!!!

  6. Hey, Carol likes! The curves are right up my alley:) Now you need some big old dough bowls. Kudos to hubby:)
    Oh yeh, when our kids were young, we had the hand prints on the walls too. All grown up now and no excuses... lol.