Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I won Prim Outhouse's Jelly Bean Contest

Janice, over at The Prim Outhouse blog hosted a jelly bean contest. She had a mason jar full of jelly beans and you had to guess the correct number in the jar to win. My guess was 256. No one guessed the exact number but my guess was the closest...only 2 away of the 258 jelly beans that were in the jar.

Janice sent the mason jar full of jelly beans, 3 plant pokes, a carrot, flower and Easter egg, a pair of grubby candles tied with muslin, a wood sign that says fresh flowers and two bags full of jelly beans. As you can see, there is a bag of jelly beans missing already. I take no responsibility for their disappearance as I am still on my diet, so as they say in my house "Not Me!" LOL!

Thanks Jan for all the wonderful goodies.

Until next time...

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  1. Jan is such a sweetie! Congratulations on winning Dee!

    Debbie K