Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Eco Wall

This is my "eco wall" as my neighbor from Ecuador calls it. We planted pole beans along the edge and provided them with a string trellis to climb on and boy did they ever climb. We've gotten quite a bunch of beans so far. I love to throw a pot full of green bean, potatoes and a smoked ham slice on the stove and let it of my favorite dinners! No fuss!

We also have tomatoes and carrots in that bed now. We did have radishes and lettuce but it's too hot here for them now. We will replant that for the fall.

This is the two cucumber plants that are at the end of the bean bed. We also trellised those and boy have they produced cukes for us. My hubby had me get "diva" variety cucumber plants from one of the local garden centers to plant. They are one of the best tasting seedless ones out there.

As you can see the cucumbers have taken over. Josh decided to add more to the trellis so now the plants are growing up the garage roof. I don;t know how much bigger they can get, but I guess we will find out.

This bed had 2 squash plants in it. They have both perished from powdery mildew so no more squash. We do have 3 pepper plants, a row of beets, 2 rows of carrots and some newly sowed radishes in there. Also 2 cherry tomato plants are on the end. We will soon get put in a few broccoli plants and start spinach again.

The crepe myrtle has sprouted and is filling in nicely since we cut it back. My impatiens in the hanging baskets are doing nicely too. We were over watering them for awhile there as there was a lack of communication as to what was watered and when.

My boys and I enjoy taking care of our gardens. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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