Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Duct Tape 101 Uses

I was talking with my friend Pat about the duct tape sign I made last week and of course there my mind to research about duct tape for some new sayings for a series of duct tape signs. Anyway, after spending Friday night googling duct tape, I found the history fascinating. The things people use duct tape for are also very creative. So I decided to share with you some of the history and uses of duct tape since it's creation...

According to Wikipedia, duct tape is a vinyl, fabric reinforced tape, that was first developed during WW II as a water resistant, sealing tape for ammunition cases. It has many other names including "Riggers Tape", "100 MPH tape" and "Hurricane Tape".

Post WW II, people starting using this wonder tape on heating and cooling applications, that's where it's current name has derived from. But alas, it fails miserably after time with sealing duct work for which it has been named. Many local building code prohibit the use of duct tape on duct work due to it becoming brittle.

But given that it failed miserably in the heating and cooling world, apparently it is a mainstay staple in many homes and even on the Apollo missions to the moon. Even in outer space, you never know when you would need some duct tape.

In fact, during the 1970, Apollo 13 mission, duct tape played a critical role in getting our astronauts home safely. It helped when the CO2 modules had to be retrofitted while the astronauts were orbiting the Earth after an explosion aboard the spacecraft. It also was used on the Apollo 17 mission to extend the fender on the moon rover. Boy those boys at NASA think of everything...Wonder what their emergency tool kit looks like for when they go traveling in space!

In the medical world, duct tape was thought to be able to remove warts, but conflicting studies have revealed that duct tape isn't any more effective than conventional treatment for warts. But hey, if you have a piece of duct tape and a can't hurt to try.

As has been depicted in many television and action movies, duct tape is an a must have. It is commonly thought of as a quick and cheap fix and is usually associated with men. I guess no self-respecting man would be caught without a roll or two of duct tape. Just ask MacGyver!

Duck Products, annually sponsors a yearly competition for the most stylish prom outfit created from duct tape. The winner receives a college scholarship....not bad for being a little creative! Other fashion items that have been created out of duct tape are wallets, handbags, belts and Halloween costumes. There have also been a few street rods that have been tricked out using duct tape! Who knew? LOL!

Duct tape comes in many colors. I guess to color coordinate with our home decor? And like any women with her favorite shoes in every color, I guess you just have to have a roll of each. So next time your in Walmart, pick up a few rolls.

As always these as well as many other signs can be found on my etsy. Til next time.


  1. Ha...cute!! Love it all!

  2. If all else fails and you can't shut her up....USE DUCK TAPE!

  3. Those new signs are just too cute! My husband would love them all!

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  5. Jody,

    Thanks! Mine chuckled when he read them.


  6. Where you reading my husbands mind? He lives by these 'rules'.

  7. I need one of each please! LOL Now get your broom out and fly on over to enter my give away if you haven't already!