Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Finally Arrived

Winter arrived yesterday with an all out assault. Yesterday morning started out with a few inches of snow, not much, just enough to cause driving problems and to close local schools. The weatherman was sure wrong on that part of the storm as it was suppose to be just rain til late in the day.

We did get a break mid-morning and it didn't start again til early afternoon, first as rain, then it changed to thunder snow. It started snowing like mad with over 2" an hour falling to the ground. In the middle of it all the dear son, decides he wants to go to his girlfriends house 25 miles away. The hubby goes with him to drop him off and they pick up Sean from work along the way. Well it takes them 3 hours to get to the girlfriends.

I hear about the adventure when the hubby returns homes, telling me of how the state highway snowplows were stuck in various places, tons of cars were off the side of the road, and you would think that would have been when some common sense would have kicked in and said, hmmm...maybe we shouldn't be out on the roads, that it's just too bad. Did it? Nope!

What I got from the hubby was that it was so neat to test out the dear sons 4 wheel drive truck. Hmmmm...guess he forgot it's not how he's driving but the other idiots out there as evidenced by all the accidents and cars off the road that they saw! I swear males lack common sense! So almost 4 1/2 hours after they left the hubby returned home to tell me his tale...of course that was after I yelled at him for his and the sons stupidity of even venturing out in the first place. GRRRRR!

We ended up with 12" of the white stuff...winter can now go on it's merry way and let spring come.


  1. LOL Dee look at all the white stuff. GOSH and I am the same way they always look at me like I can drive just fine but they do not understand it is about the ones that can't

  2. I'm with you Dee! After the first snowfall, I'm ready for spring! Unfortunately we have a bit more winter left before we start to see signs of spring. :( I, too, want my family home safe during snow storms like that... too dangerous out there!

  3. Having moved to FL 3yrs ago from Michigan, I can look at your pictures and say "wow, how pretty all that snow!!" I however can also say, I don't miss the roller rinks of roads and highways! Glad your hubby made it home safely!! Stay safe and warm!!

  4. holy macaroni that is alot of snow..and yeah men can be real dopes can't they.;)

  5. Can't wait till they find the "Can't Fix Stupid Pill".........But OH!!!!!! We'd be in heaven then RIGHT!

  6. Lol, I just had to laugh. What is it about men that they think they can do anything? Do they have something to prove? Yep, I would have looked out the door and said no way. Glad he made it home safe. Your snow pictures are beautiful!

  7. That is alot of snow!!!

  8. I see you are at it again, bashing winter, LOL. We haven't had too much here, 2" here and then 5" there, nothing much. Maybe going to be the year we don't get a big one at all, we are giving it all to you. Love ya!!