Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go Check Out FromMyHeartPrimtives Giveaway, Giveaway Win

Ok gals...hurry on over to Sharon's blog to check out her first giveaway. Sharon and I have been friends forever...well some days it seems like it's been! Even though we live in 2 separate states, we manage our long distance relationship just fine spending many, many hours on the phone each day!

Sharon and I do some craft shows together and meet up a few times a year for some fun shopping in Lancaster. Anyway, be sure to tell Sharon when you stop by that I sent ya!

I also want to thank Patti at Primitive Treasure On Raspberry Lane for the sweet snowman pattern that I won in her giveaway. I'll have to drag the sewing machine out and see if I remember how the darn thing works! LOL! Sure hope mine turns out as well!


  1. I will go check it out and that jar is too cute:)

  2. Very nice! Thank you for visiting me at my blog, I appreciate each one.
    I hope you figure the sewing machine out, I can relate a bit, mine was broken for about 4 years now I guess, so I was hand sewing everything.
    I did get a new one, which sat for about a year, and I just got it out recently, it WAS a bit scary! LOL!
    I am getting better with it again, I am sure you will too!
    Have a good day.