Monday, January 10, 2011

Some new typography signs

I started playing around with making typography signs last fall and have been really bitten by the bug! The art of typography is defined as the art and technique of type, type design and type glyphs.

Typography is performed by typesetters, typographers, graphic designers and comic book artist. In traditional typography text is composed to create a readable, coherent and visually satisfying work through the choice of fonts. Typographers also use color, text layout and white space to create the visual effect. Legibility and readability are the 2 main focuses for typographers.

I made some for the upcoming spring holidays. It's a challenge to see how many words I can think of for the theme and just how they will fit on the chosen sign blank. Here's my Irish typography sign and I have already shared my Love typography one in a previous post.

I created this sign as a Christmas gift for Sean's boss, John at the Wild Bird Center. We presented this to John at the dinner party that we attended. John was very touched by the gift. It is now proudly hanging on the front of Wild Bird Centers checkout counter.

Of course I couldn't leave out our four legged friends with their wagging tails...see thought of another phrase I could have added!

And here's one for the purring fur babies....

What mancave shouldn't have it's own typography sign? Here again there were amny, many more words that I could have put on this sign. I will customize this sign to meet the needs of the "cave man" in your life.

These and many more to come can be found at my etsy and my website.


  1. Your typography signs are soooo
    great.. such talented you have..
    Wishing you the best with sales..

    Enjoy !!!;_)

  2. Very neat idea! I love all the signs you've made!

  3. Hey D...those are pretty cool signs!! Good job!


  4. Your signs are so awesome!! I love that kind of stuff!! My favorite has to be the CAT one, cause I'm partial to kitties :)

  5. love them..but you can guess which is my fav!!! :)

  6. Love all the signs. I seen these before on other blogs.

  7. Love these signs and all the multiple messages on them. Great for any home!

    Thanks for partying at the Sunburnt Cow Link Party!


  8. These are great! Do you have a tutorial for what has worked for you..types of paint, etc?