Friday, January 14, 2011

A trip tp the ER and a new diet

After feeling crappy most of the day lasting through the next, I thought a trip to the emergency room was in order the other day. I thought my blood sugar was too low and was getting really worried because I was having symptoms for more than 24 hours. So being the practical gal that I am, I googled searched my symptoms and after reading everything decided it was time to take the bull by the horns so to speak. So at 1 am I decided it was time for the hubby to take me to the hospital to get it all checked out.

After lots of blood tests, an ekg, a urine test and lots of lost sleep, the doctor told me I have a slightly elevated blood sugar level. I am borderline hyperglycemic. Of course, most of my symptoms disappeared once I was at the ER and didn't have access to food, as that what was triggering the higher blood sugar level.

Anyway, my hubby has had the opposite condition all his life, hypoglycemia. So, once I came home we decided to put me on a high protein diet, much like Atkins and eliminate sugar from my diet. Gone are my beloved Panera spinach artichoke cheese souffles. So are my cinnamon crunch bagels...sigh! But what's a gal to do?

So far, I've totally changed what I eat and I am very happy to report that for the past 2 days, my blood sugar symptoms have disappeared. It is hard to adjust to not having any sugar, but I will try this for awhile and see how things pan out. Don't really have much choice at this point in time anyway.

I do have to go have a glucose tolerance test in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully I won't have to go on any meds. I also need to start back to walking every day.

Anyway, wish me luck on my new way of life. Til next time.


  1. glad to hear that they were able to figure out what was wrong..i feel the same way maybe I need to go in..thanks for letting us know..;)

  2. So glad to hear they figured out what it was and that your new diet is helping already! Wishing you good luck with it, a change of lifestyle is tough at first... but then becomes a new normal way of life and you'll probably find you don't even miss those sweets after a while! :)

  3. Glad you made the trip to the ER. Not where you want to spend your time, but it has helped you. Best wishes staying on your diet and walking. Hopefully the combined two will work together and keep you off the meds!

  4. Oh, I am sure that you are relieved to know what is going on.
    Giving up sugar is hard, I am borderline diabetic, so I have to watch mine through diet so far. It runs in my family, I hope you will feel better soon.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am looking foward to knowing you. I see you make some wonderful signs.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. You haven't been feeling well for sometime so I'm glad that you finally went to find out what's wrong. Hope you feel much better soon.

  6. Aaaww girl...sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well!! I hope this works for ya and good luck! Love ya!!

  7. Hi Dee, Glad to hear that you are ok. I've had to give up the cinnamon crunch bagels too. BooHoo. All of my pregnancies were border line gestational diabetes so I've learned what to eat and what not to eat. Do you like almonds? They have all sorts of good flavors - I really like sea salt and olive oil, and they help with keep your blood sugar levels in check. Thanks for entering my giveaway. ~Ann

  8. Changing your eating habits is a real challenge.
    I was diagnosed with celiac last July. I can't eat wheat, barley or rye. It was really hard at first. But then it got to be fun trying different recipes. No more humdrum, same ol' thing suppers for us anymore. And most everything was quite good too.
    I'm glad they figured out what was making you feel so bad. I hope you have the same results with the new change in your eating habits.
    Good luck and ENJOY!

  9. Dee,
    Sad to hear but good to know that there is something you can do about it. I need to do the same thing. Good luck and good health!

  10. Hope you feel better soon...

  11. I know it's hard - but try to stick with the new diet - you don't want to be diagnosed with diabetes (like I was!).