Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Unexpected Visitor

This past Sunday we had the most unexpected visitor. A sweet little grey kitty. I went out the back door and there she was walking around in our backyard. She looked at me and meowed and I knew by that meow that she was homeless. Anyway, she danced around my legs as I was in the yard wanting some loving.

It didn't take long for my boys to discover her. Out came a can of albacore tuna to give to her. They just fell in love with her when they saw her. Problem is their father is extremely allergic to cats, so she can't come in the house.

We've searched the telephone poles for lost kitty posters, but haven't found one. I can't believe that whoever owned this kitty isn't looking for her. She's that sweet.

I'm not quite sure what we are going to do with her since we can't let her come in. We've had cats in the past but that was when we were living in the country on a farm and the cats had shelter from the elements in the barn. The 2 we had adopted us as their family.

In fact, that's how we have come to have all our pets. Our cockatiel flew into our yard and landed on our rain gutter. The bunny, was hopping across a neighbors lawn without a care in the world. Of course we rescued both and looked for their owners. Never did find the birds but did figure out who the bunnies were...2 irresponsible college girls that lacked sommon sense. They didn't even look for the sweet little lopped eared when he got out and then moved from their home without a care for his well being.

Hopefully we will find a nice home for her before winter sets in.

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  1. OH I wish I lived closer..she is beautiful...what a sweet kitty..I hope and pray you can find her a wonderful loving home.;)