Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're Making Progress

Do you ever wonder if sometimes projects take on a life of their own? How does that happen? Well my front perennial flower bed is one of those projects! Since our house is only a block from the middle school and a on a direct path to that school, we decided that the best wall material would be preformed pavers along the sidewalk.

That way if any of the brainiacs that walk by decided that the wall looked like it could be walked on at least the pavers could take it more than the greystone rock we were building the rest of the flower bed walls with.

Of course we have creative ways in doing things in our household. Josh's method of leveling the pavers was to jump on them...not pretty looking but quite effective. Everyone in the house pitched in with Sean and Ian off loading brick pavers from the back of the truck, Josh laying the pavers, hubby had already cleared a few roots out of the way with the axe and of course, my job was to supervise and photograph the progression.

It didn't take too long before the wall was almost done. Less than an hour and most of that time was spent in the preparation of the area for the wall.

Of course there was much discussion as to how we were joining both the inside and outside walls together. Once we settled on the how to's, the wall was complete.

Gone were the ugly evergreen yews that had to be trimmed 2 times a year. Josh had removed them the week before. In their place was a beautiful new stone wall and a vision of what my new perennial bed would look like.

This past week I was able to begin planting some of the perennials that I purchased last week at The Perennial Farm along with some hybrid tea rose bushes that I had picked up at some of the local garden centers. We planted 6 fragrant rose bushes along the sidewalk side of the perennial bed. Some requirements for roses to make it in my bed, is that they not only have to be beautiful, they have to be very fragrant.

I planted some annual impatiens as always need that pop of color that annuals always provide. We still need another truckload of dirt to finish filling n the bed and the old azaleas need to be removed and replaced with some newer ones.

As you can see, some of Mother Natures creatures are enjoying the perennial gardens plants. I love this echinecea...It's called White Swan and the flower head is huge. I have planted about 10 different echinecea varities...Can you tell that this is one of my favorite perennials?

I also planted a dwarf Bee Balm that we found at a local garden center. Isn't it pretty and the bumble bees have already visited it, so I think it was a nice addition to the bed.

This swallow tail butterfly really, really loves my echineceas. He spent the good part of the first day flitting from one plant to the other.

I'm hoping to finish the bed this coming week and I can share with you the whole project. One more truck load of dirt, some bush removal, some more planting to do, some mulching and we should be pretty much done. I can't wait!


  1. Simply gorgeous have done an amazing job, and I just love it!

  2. Dee,

    It's beautiful...looks so much better than my little brain imagined it while listening to your description. Almost time to sit back and enjoy! Wish Chip a Happy Father's Day!

  3. Jody,

    Thank you. I can't take all the credit as Josh did an excellent job on the stone work. Ian and Sean helped with the moving and hauling of dirt, rock, stone, and plants. Hubby supervised the whole thing also helping with the plant placements and the stone, dirt and supply getting. A true family affair. I am really enjoying the time it has taken to get here. Can't wait til it's done and I can sit back and enjoy.

  4. Lynn,

    Thanks! We are loving it and the difference it makes to the front of the house appearance is amazing.

  5. Pat,

    You mean my powers of description have failed me? LOL! As tbey say a picture is worth a thousand words. We have been enjoying it...the roses smell wonderful when they are in bloom. Tell Louie to have a nice Fathers Day too! I'll be sure to tell Chip.

  6. Oh my gosh Dee, your yard looks spectatular!! All that hard work sure did pay off! Love it!


  7. Tammy,

    Thanks. The boys really helped out a lot. Nice to have strong healthy backs around for the hard work. I am really enjoying what we have gotten done so far. Will share the "final" product when it's all finished.


  8. Hey Dee, I love your rock walls..they are wonderful...especially the thin rock..reminds me of Ireland...I just visited your etsy..I love your all of your halloween signs..and your christmas ones the holidays..where did you get the awesome stencils..I love the block sets too..looking for some to make but haven't found anything yet..have a wonderful tuesday..:)

  9. Gina,

    Thanks for the kind words. The rock came from the local quarry here in MD. We bought it by the pallet (1500 #'s) from the local garden center.

    As for where I get my stencils, some I bought online and still others I cut myself with my stencil cutter. If you contact me through my etsy, I can give you a heads up on stencils.

    I love making my block sets. They are pretty easy but the one drawback is customers don't always "know" what to do with them!

    Anyway, drop me a email anytime.