Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man Is Snoring!


Sorry, I couldn't resist! The hubby decided he was loving the rain so much he'd take a nap on the couch! Love how men can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! As you can see he thought to cover up so he could enjoy his nap longer.

All I can say is it's about time! We haven't had rain in forever! It's so nice to see, and I'm sure my thirsty plants and grass will be glad for a little drink. It's so nice not to have to spend the 2 hours or so watering in the morning. This is one of my newest tea roses. It's called 'Fragrant Cloud' and boy does it live up to it's name. We haven't planted it yet, as it's suppose to go into part 2 of my new perennial bed.
We finally purchased the lace leaf Japanese Maple that will gracefully drape itself over the pond in my perennial bed. It's a real beauty and looks so much at home there. It will have 2 waterfalls, one on either side of it, when the whole project is finished. I'm so excited because we are finally in the home stretch on this part of the project.
And no trip do I make to a garden center that I don't seem to come home with still another echinecea! LOL! My son says I'm a "plant junkie"! I guess I could have worse vices. This echy is called 'Magnus' and it has a fragrant smell to it. Love plants that do double duty. It is much like it's 'Purpurea' cousins but the cone head seems to be much larger and fuller.

Isn't this Rudbeckia just gorgeous? Such vidid colors. It's called 'Autumn Colors' and I got it on my second visit to The Perennial Farm. I do have the normal or more common 'Goldstrum' but when picking perennials I wanted some that were familiar but with a twist.

Here's another echinacea. This one is called 'Pink Double Delight'. It's a double blossom one, that is suppose to be visually artistic once it's established. I love that the cone head is much different than my other echy's. In fact, I have 2 others that are similiar, one called 'Milkshake and the other 'Hot Papaya'. These 2 haven't bloomed yet, but I will share the pictures once they have.

And now back to the reason for my dead grass and lack of rain...It's been some time since we had an appreciable rain. According to the local weather service we are 4" down for the year so far. Couple the no rain with the 90+ weather for over 2 weeks.... UGH! I'm planning on replacing the dead grass, not because it's browned out, but because there are too many weeds in it to control without using herbicides. On the the list of next projects.

Even when you water every day some things just still succumb to the sun. A few of my annual impatiens won't make it, but that's ok as I have some replacements for them. Overall my perennials have survived. I know we longed for the lazy days of summer when we were digging out of the 48+ inches of snow in January, but do we have to go from one extreme to the other?

Oh and in case you are wondering why this post is finding it's way to my blog on a bright and sunny day, I had it 99% done when our internet service went out again, seems like our internet service doesn't like the heat either. We have had intermittent to no service the last few days....I guess this too shall pass.

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