Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Car...

Well really it's a truck! My middle son Josh bought his first vehicle today.

He saved and saved and saved some more til he had a nice nest egg. If you ask him he'll tell you it felt like forever saving!

If you had asked me last week I would have told you this deal was tenuous at best, but things worked out for him. So after 2 trips to Lancaster, the first to look at the truck, the second to pay for it and pick up the title, today was the payoff.

It started early this morning with an 9 am wake up call. Anyone that has a teen or a twenty yr old knows that 9 am on a summer day is just too early....3 hours to early to be exact!

After the 1/2hr. drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles and then the hour wait to get the title transferred and new tags, we were on our way to Lancaster again to pick up his truck.

Doesn't he look so proud? When he got home he had to bring his brothers out to show off his truck and of course as brothers do, they started goofing around. There are a few minor things to fix on the truck, but so far we haven't found anything major. One nice thing about this truck was it just went through PA inspection 2 months ago, so there shouldn't be too many unknown surprises for him when he takes it to get inspected here....Now to just teach him to drive!


  1. That's a nice truck! He most have done a LOT of saving. I'm sure you're very proud him! Nice looking son there, too! ~~Annie

  2. Congratulations Josh...Looking Good!

  3. Annie,

    Yes, he did a lot of saving...he also did alot of looking too! And a lot of whining! LOL! The truck looks really nice and he seems really pleased finally! Now he gets to learn what a money pit vehicles can be! LOL!
    Yep, he's not a bad looking boy...he takes after his mother of course! LOL!


  4. Pat,

    I'll let him know that you said congrats! Now he can start paying for insurance and gas and new tires and repairs and the list goes on and on! LOL!


  5. Very nice truck! My son will be getting his first vehicle next year and I'm scared to think about it!

    Congrats to Josh! Way to go!!

  6. Angie,

    I try not to think about his driving too much. His father, who drives like a turtle, is teaching him to drive. The only rule that we have is no driving while impaired so we hope that he will continue to use good judgement as he becomes more independent.

    So far he seems to be taking care of the truck...washing, waxing, vacuuming it. Amazing how that happens when they pay for it with their own money! It's cleaner than his room! That was one good thing we did...made him save his money to buy his vehicle and to pay for the insurance.


  7. I remember being in his place. I kept mine washed, waxed, and cleaner than my room too because I paid for it myself!

    That's what we are doing with our kids also. If we were to buy it all for them, what would they learn? They need to learn early in life to take care of the things they have so they will last. You did well in teaching him!!