Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kiddie Kavern Enter At Your Own Risk

Those that follow my blog have seen my man cave signs for men. You've seen my diva signs for women. Well here are my kiddie kavern signs for the little ones! Can't leave them out!

I know when my boys were little, I could have used this sign. If they had one toy out they had them all out! As they have grown older they still haven't changed's just video games, dvd's and cd's now!

We did a lot of watching Sesame Street when my boys were little. One of my favorites was when Ernie would be taking a bath and sing the rubber ducky song. We use to sing it in the tub....sigh...such memories!

Of course when my boys took their baths, they had water all over...something about making a tidal wave in the tub amused them! LOL! And they certainly splished and splashed all over the bathroom!

The magic time that all parents await each day...bedtime. They can finally relax and congratulate themselves for making it through another day! LOL! I know many days I fell onto the couch exhausted, barely able to move just keeping up!

As always you can find my signs in my etsy shoppe and eventually they will be on ebay. Enjoy!


  1. Cute signs...although our playroom when the girls were little should have been named What a Mess.

  2. Pat,

    Now there's a sign for you to make! Too funny!


  3. Love your banners.
    Hugs from Italy.

  4. Simona,

    Thanks. Hugs right back at you from the USA!