Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OFG Swap

I belong to a prim group on etsy called Old Farmhouse Gathering, OFG for short, anyway, we are having a swap. We are all assigned partners so this is a one on one. I was lucky to get a really nice gal....have chatted with her on many occasions. She's a painter and loves prim. I painted her a nice large metal pocket with a prim bunny based on a design by Terrye French...she's one of my favorite designers. I wrapped the handle with fabric and placed cream pip berries inside...sure hope my prim gal partner likes it. Oh, and of course she's getting some of my favorite Easter chocolates!


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  2. Yeah, I know, I'm losing it. That was my post by the way. Not sure why my name isn't showing up. It's Brenda. I said that was really neat.

  3. How cute is that! Maybe I should become active again in OFG so I can join the next swap.