Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Signs of Spring...In The Mail

I was feeling a little blah recently with all the really, really cold weather that we had been having lately. It seemed like December we were locked into winters icy grip with arctic blast after blast. Is winter really suppose to be this cold?

While we haven't had the copious amounts of snow that we had last year so far, still this winter will not be recorded in my mind as a mild one. Our heating bill surely proves that fact too.

So needing a little spring pick me up I went shopping on etsy for something that would remind me of spring. Not really having anything in mind to buy I stumbled across this darling little shoppe on etsy....New England Primitive. She has some cute things for sale and I decided on the 3 that I have included in my picture. I have found the perfect place for them in my bedroom hanging off my peg shelf but first I had to attach a string hanger for them to hang from.

While the shipping took a little longer than expected, maybe the bad weather on the east coast helped with that, the items are darling in person. I will definitely purchase from her again. So if you are looking for some signs of spring or just in the mood to shoppe, maybe you should stop by etsy and check out her shoppe.

This is their new home on the pegs to my Norman Rockwell shelf as I call it. I love the simple and folksy drawings of Norman Rockwell's America. He's one of my favorite american artists. And yes, my bedroom is painted raspberry lemonade and the hubby doesn't mind one bit.


  1. Love your goodies, Dee! Thanks for sharing the link to her site - makes me want to do some shopping.


  2. Great goodies..TFS your lnk too...

  3. So cute. I love the bunny! I bet they did make you smile. Nice tribute to Norman Rockwell!

  4. Wonderful Goodies!!!
    Norman Rockwell pretty display!
    enjoy your day

  5. Thanks dee for being a follower at Rhodes Creations. Hope you are doing well with your crafting! You have a very nice blog. I hope to have a nice one some day and more followers to get to know you more of you fellow bloggers! Sincerely,
    Laura of

  6. I love your new goodies and I love your display!!
    Thanks for visiting me, Louise is so spoiled!! :)