Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally Found A Stitchery

I had been searching for a stitchery for my bedroom. The hubby is making me a new peg shelf for there and I wanted a stitchery to go on it. I finally stumbled across Patti's shoppe on etsy. I looked through it and saw some things that I liked. So being the nosey gal that I am, I searched her sold items. That's when I found this perfect stitchery.

So being the direct person that I am, I convo-ed her through etsy to inquire whether she would consider doing another one for me. We worked out the details and within 6 days from start to finish, I had my beautiful new stitchery in my hot little hands. Of course my shelf still isn't complete. Not really the hubby's fault though as I had him make me another project first, which I will be sharing as soon as I get the 2nd coat of paint on it. Guess I'd better get him back on task to get my new shelf completed since I "need" a place for this stitchery to sit.

If you are looking for a nice stitchery, be sure to stop by Patti's shoppe and take a look at what she has to offer.


  1. I've never seen that saying before, but I really like it. Can't wait to see it on your new shelf ~Ann

  2. The stitchery is beautiful.I just started to make one it'll probly take me a year to finish since I'm new to it and get sidetracked so easy.Warm Blessings!~Amy