Saturday, August 7, 2010

Musings on Marriage Signs

I sometimes wonder just what men think...well maybe not really. It's a scary dark place I'm sure! Anyway, I do try to give my husband very explicit instructions when I want something done a certain way.

He doesn't always listen....or maybe he half listens. Take folding towels for example. How hard is it to fold the towels in half, then half again and again, matching up the corners as you go? So after 25 years of marriage, I don't ask him to help fold the towels anymore. In fact I don't usually ask him to help fold anything anymore!

I think being bossy just comes with the territory of being a wife and mother. Who else can keep 10 things going at once and pull it all off with ease, except a woman? So I just laugh when my crew complains that I'm too bossy.

Of course this goes without saying....LOL!

My husband hates when I can repeat what he tells me verbatim! LOL! Amazing that he hasn't figured out that my memory is better than his! He tells me all the time that isn't what he said...sometimes I wish I had a portable tape recorder.

Anyway, you can find these signs as well as a few others in my etsy shoppe


  1. Hi Dee,
    I love those signs and what you posted is so true. They made me laugh!
    If only I wasn't so "bossy" is what I hear all the time. But living with people that have no sense of time, you have to be bossy to get places with everything and everyone intact.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. oh these signs are too funny and oh so true.;)

  3. Barb,

    I do have to "boss" them around here too, to get anywhere on time...mine have no sense of time, unless it's something important to them like when golf comes on or something like that! LOL! I just choose to ignore their comment! Hey, I can have half hearing too! LOL!


  4. Brenda,

    Thanks! Have a great Sunday!


  5. Gina,

    The funny thing is that the males in my house read them and then their eyes roll! LOL! Have a great day.