Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day Of School , First Day Of Work

Today was the first day of school here for my youngest, Ian, who is a sophomore in high school....cue the music from the staples commercial, please. Households all over our county have parents rejoicing in glee! LOL! Only kidding! After 10 weeks off school, it's time to get back into a regular routine for our household. I use to love getting up early in the morning and getting a half day of work in before lunchtime. During the summer it takes me all day to get the same amount of work completed.

Today was Sean, my oldest, first day of work at his new job at the new Safeway grocery store in Towson. He's been searching for a job for almost 17 months. Sean's a courtesy clerk which means he helps bag, get carts, put back items, empty trash, clean windows. He seemed to enjoy his first day.

I am thankful that companies such as Safeway are progressive in their hiring practices and company views to hire people with disabilities. Sean is such a friendly guy and a hard worker and hopefully will be a good fit in the Safeway family. Sean has an employment agency that works with him. They have a very inclusive outlook which meshes quite nicely with our families.

His agency is paid for with ADA money that is earmarked for Sean's benefit, to help him find and keep employment. Guess I'll put in a plug for supporting funding for ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act). So please whenever the bill comes up for reauthorization, encourage your congressmen/women to back it. It really is a worthwhile bill. Ok, off my soap box, now.

Can you tell I'm a passionate advocate for my son? LOL! Anyway, the other picture is of Sean with one of his job coaches or community employment advocates. They work one on one with Sean until he is comfortable in his new job. They worked with him to help find this job, filling out applications and going on interviews with him. They also have worked with him on interviewing skills and any other work related skill that he may need.

Anyway, tomorrow I hope to get up early and get a good amount of work accomplished before noon. Until then...


  1. what a neat thing that they have coaches to help them learning the job and being there for them till they fill comfortable...can't wait to see what you get accomplished now that the kids are at school and work.;) have a great week.;)

  2. I just happened onto your blog ~ from another one ~ and I, too, have a son with Downs Syndrome. Tad is 45 and I, too, say I am his advocate ~ we're the ones in their corner and we can get on a soapbox, can't we?! Good luck to Sam in his new job!

  3. Gina,

    I am really thankful for all the help that SEan does get. He's such a wonderful person, with an infectious happy personality.

    I can't wait to see what I get accomplished either! LOL! Have a wonderful day.


  4. Alice,

    LOL! When he was included in school it seemed like I was always up on that soapbox. Now that he's older I'm not so much anymore as the battles are different and fewer. Although we have had a few. Sean is almost 25 and I feel the possibilites for him are many....if I can just get the rest of the world onboard! LOL!

    Have a great day. Give your son Tad a big ole hug from me, cause I know if he met me he's give me one first! LOL!


  5. So Toots...looks like you're getting that early start today! Wishing Sean the best at his new job! He should do fine, he's such a great kid!

  6. Dee,
    Thanks for following my blog.
    I'm going to follow your's too!
    Happy first day of school to Ian, and Sean!
    Hugs, Pat

  7. Pat,

    Thanks. I sure hope Sean is happy there. We stopped in last night when picking him up. The managers seem awesome. One customer was a hoot with Sean, talking Ravens football with him. I think Sean is one of the biggest fans the Ravens have!


  8. Pt,

    Thanks. I think Ian is secretly glad to be back in school even though he's not a morning person. Take care.