Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pond Building 101

This picture is how we ended after our first day of wall construction. Josh was completely worn out from moving and placing the rock in just the right place. Building a stone wall may not look like it's a lot of work but it is. The stone have to fit sort like a puzzle next to and on top of each other.

We decided to go with a pre-formed pond as oppose to a site built one. Too many problems exist with a site built pond and since we weren't having a huge pond, the pre-formed one fit the bill.

My birthday day, Josh was renewed with vigor, so he set out to dig the 2 foot deep area the pond needed. A few hours and many root removals later, the pond insert fit.

Time to backfill around the pound, making sure it was level. Thank goodness for strong youthful backs!

With the pond in place,the rest of the wall could be built. Then came the waterfall construction. Or should I say frustration!

Josh built, tore apart, rebuilt the waterfall so many times that day. Trying to get the water to fall just right from one stone to the next can be tricky.

After trying and trying again Josh has given up temporarily. Hopefully he is thinking out his next plan of attack. The hubby says that he will help him with the design later this afternoon, so hopefully there will be a successful waterfall. We even have our first visitor to our pond, a small tree frog. Wish I could get a picture of him but he's about the size of a quarter and blends in too well with the pond right now.

One of the things we did get accomplished was to ring our front street tree with a stone retaining wall. I planted some impatiens and transplanted some hostas in the new bed. I think it looks rather lovely.


  1. Dee, Thanks for stopping by my blog with your nice compliments! I sure hope Josh and your hubby get that waterfall figured out. Hope to see pics of it when finished. You asked about where I got my miniture hosta's from. I ordered them from a place called Soules Garden. Here is the link. I've also seen them at a local quality garden center near us.


  2. Tammy,

    Thanks for the info on the mini hostas. I have quite a few different hostas but none that are mini.

    I love looking at others gardens and sure know the hard work that goes into making and keeping a nice garden area. I'll post more pictures as the waterfall and bed progresses. I am planning a trip to the perennial farm this week to pick out some for my new bed....I can't wait.