Sunday, May 23, 2010

Supply Swap

A crafter can't have too many supplies now can she? I belong to an etsy group, Old Farmhouse Gathering and the gals decided to have a supply swap....not that I need anymore but I figured what the heck. My partner was Bette from Tomorrows Treasures. Bette is a sewer as well as a pattern designer and she also has a notions selling shoppe on etsy...whew! Three shoppes here and I can barely keep up with one! Anyway be sure to check out all of Bette's shoppes.

I've got to say if I had to pick one item out of all that Bette sent, I would have to say the flat head cut nails are a favorite. Can't wait to rust those babies up and find a use for them.


  1. Just what you need...more stuff! Did you get to send your things to someone else?

  2. Hey hon...have you been to the doc for that nerve?? I sure hope it gets better for ya...I really do miss seeing ya around!


  3. Great stuff...I'll have to take pics of mine tomorrow when there is some nice sunlight!

    Take care ~Natalie

  4. You got some really nice items. I was in this swap too and loved it. Brenda did a really good job on putting this together. Prim Hugs, Valerie

  5. Pat,

    Of course I share "my stuff" with Bette! Could have sent her a truckload and still had lots left, but then, you know how that is.

  6. B....the nerve is getting better. It just takes time for it to get better. I just can't sit on the computer for endless hours playing on facebook anymore. If I am on the computer it's for business stuff right now.

  7. Natalie,

    Yes, Bette did send some cool stuff. I really love the cut nails...have a few things in mind to use them on.

    Please take a picture and share. It's cool seeing everyones raw materials so to speak.

  8. Valerie,

    Yes, Brenda did do a great job putting this swap together. Normally I do the handmade ones but thought this would be good to try something different.