Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Soliciting!

There's probably not a spring day that goes by, where someone isn't knocking on my door selling something. While I don't like taking a hardline and saying no to anyone, most requests do get that answer. It's so difficult these days to figure out who is legitimate and who is just running a scam...I know kinda cynical, huh? But statistics have shown that those that have a different view, are usually the very ones that are preyed upon and taken advantage of.

I have memories from my childhood of many door-to-door salesmen and delivery people. One notably, that I'm sure we all remember, was the "fuller brush guy". He's been immortalized in films, comedy spoofs, and even in Disney cartoons. Alfred Fuller had the right ideas to sell his product...bring it to your customers, demonstrate, and stand behind your product. These simple principles have made Fuller Brush Co grow from a initial investiment of $375 in 1906 to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars today.

American entrepenuerial spirit was patterned after Fuller's success. Many businesses that started out as door to door sales have grown to be extremely successful but as previously mentioned so have the scam artist. So if you come and knock on my door and I say no, don't take it personally, I just don't do door nor phone solicitations.

For those that prefer a more gentle reminder here's another one of my no soliciting signs that you can find for sale in my etsy shoppe


  1. Love the new sign Dee!! That is perfect, how clever!

  2. Love that sign Dee!!


  3. Jody,

    Thanks! I think I have it all covered with that one!

  4. B...

    Thanks! I really need to post it on my porch raiing.