Monday, May 10, 2010

1500 Sales, Mother's Day....what a week!

It's been one of those weeks...I finally reached a milestone on etsy....1500 sales! WooHoo! The little things that make us happy! LOL! I set "goals" for myself and this was off the list it goes and the bar needs to be raised higher. I know I have friends that think I'm "nuts" and maybe I am, but I find that goals help keep me on track.

Friday, the hubby was working on the lights for our enclosed utility trailer as they weren't working and we had a craft show the next day. After replacing almost every connector, 4 hours later, it still was a "no-go" so we missed our show...can't drive without lights. Guess he's gonna have to rewire every light individually before my next show. UGH!

I got the most pleasant surprise. He brought me home those 4 lovely hanging baskets of geraniums you see in the picture. They were part of my Mother's Day gift. Aren't they gorgeous? Not having anywhere else to hang them, I had come across the 4 hook porch planter at Home Depot a few days back and thought it would be a perfect addition to the front porch along with the geraniums. So a trip to the store, a couple of turns of 2 wing nuts and voila!

Saturday brought "date night" with the hubby. We took Sean and Ian to see "Iron Man 2" and to get a bite to eat at our favorite pizza place, Carmines. Loved the movie, as Robert Downey Jr, ain't too bad on the eyes. The movie was over when it just seemed to have started...maybe had more to do with the star! LOL!

Sunday morning started with breakfast of homemade waffles being cooked for me. We even had leftover chocolate covered strawberries. Josh had made a special annivesary dinner for his girlfriend Mariya, the night before so that's how we had the strawberries. Wow! What a change. Living in a house full of males, it's rare when they cook anything for anyone including themselves! So that was really nice. They also cooked dinner for me, which was chicken quesidillas, a favorite. Hubby didn't do too bad with minimal direction.

What a pleasant change of pace for me. I won't say that they are thoughtless, but I can't say they are always as thoughtful as they were yesterday. Wonder what they have planned for my birthday in a few weeks? Hmmmm...guess I'll have to wait and see.

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  1. Sounds like a good day all round. Love the flower pole, looks beautiful. Maybe you'll never have to do a show again if you don't get the trailer lights fixed...