Friday, February 27, 2015

No More Bunny Kisses

I am writing this blog post with a very heavy heart. Our sweet lopped ear bunny Toonies passed away tonight. We found him when he was just a few months old back in 2007. I did a blog post about him back in 2009 which you can find here. He was just hopping around in a neighbors yard and instead of letting him fend for himself or meet a worse fate, we adopted him. He had an enclosed bunny hutch outside that we had a heat source in the winter and a fan for cool breezes in the summer.
Last week when the temps were so bone chilling we brought Toonies inside as we knew it was so bitter cold and being an older bunny he would be more comfortable inside than outside. We had hoped to be able to return him to his outside hutch when the temps warmed up. But alas, Toonies went to that great big garden in the sky.
In his early days, when boys would take him out of his hutch and let him explore the backyard always under a watchful eye to ensure he didn't endanger himself, he would run here and there and boy was he fast. Ian had a harness for him and would take him for walks. One of his favorite things to do was to hide behind one of my sedum plants in the flower bed and dig. Last summer he was especially delighted to be in the strawberry patch and carrot bed. Needless to say it was like a bunny paradise. He was a sweet bunny. We will miss him dearly. Rest well, my Toonies.
Until next time....


  1. Dee, So sorry to hear your adorable bunny passed away.
    I'm sure he knows he was well loved.
    Prayers and thoughts for you.

    1. Robin,

      Thank you. He will truly be missed. He was very well loved. Thanks for visiting.