Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures Featured Artist

Ok, so I stink at keeping up with blogging....hoping to get back on track and catch up with posting the featured artist from my Artfire group and just life in general. The last month and a half a lot has gone on....some bad, some good....guess you can just say life, really. Ok, so back to today's post. My featured artist this week is Caty Ann's Creations on Artfire. Cathy is a jewelry artist and has been working at her craft for the last 7 years. This busy mom and grandmother hails from North Western Ohio.
Cathy first started making jewelry for herself and family members. Soon after she began offering her wares for sale. She currently sells through her own website, on artfire and has a zibbet shop. Cathy has been selling online since 2008 after surviving stage 3 breast cancer or as she puts it, she kicked cancers butt! Gotta love her outlook! Anyway, Cathy also has a blog where she features other artists as well as her own work. Be sure to check out her out online at the links included.
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