Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Black Eyed Susan Explosion

This year my black eyed susan's exploded everywhere. In the spring I was so excited to see their serrated edged leaves peaking up through the soil. That was until they were everywhere. I love black eyed susans but not this many.
So I separated some into pots and gave some to my neighbor. Well once they bloomed there were still lots and lots. This variety has small flowers about the size of a quarter, bot like Rudbeckia Goldstrum's which I have some of them too, just they are planted elsewhere. Anyway, there were over 1000 tiny blossoms in my rear bed area. I can't imagine what next year will bring as the seed heads are out there and are starting to dry. I've told the hubby that if they explode again this next year, we will be digging them up and planting them along the side of our driveway on the property we own rurally. We don't live there yet, hopefully one day, but my dream is to line the sides of the driveway with black eyed susans. Until next time...


  1. My black eyed susans have done the same thing! Must've been a good year for them! lol I've already got plans to move part of mine for next year too!

  2. Hi Dee,
    Those are just beautiful!! It has been so dry here that everything has just "burned" up literally and figuratively.
    Enjoy your day,

  3. They look amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog... yes... start some apple trees... it's worth it!
    Debbie :o)

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